ADP International

ADP International is a 100% owned subsidiary of Groupe ADP, in charge of investing in airport companies and managing airport operations outside Paris.

ADP International typically owns stakes in airports and acts as a strategic partner dedicated to airport operations alongside financial investors and other industrial partners. ADP International's fields of expertise cover a wide scope in relation with airport businesses.

In these airports, ADP International provides management services and expertise support in a large number of areas to the benefit of airport operations, development and profitability of its partners and clients.


Our services

  • 1

    and strategic partner 

  • 2

    in operations and maintenance

  • 3

    New airport 
    infrastructures sustainable development

  • 4

    New facilities
    opening (ORAT)

  • 5

    Route development
    and airport marketing

  • 6

    strategic planning

  • 7

    of airport services improvement