A comprehensive external and independent evaluation every two years

Vigeo, the non-financial auditor of ADP International

Since 2009, ADP International makes every 2 years the extra-financial evaluation of its activities independently. In view of improving its rating, the company committed itself to make concrete progress in the fields of environment and social affairs by engaging actions to contribute to environmental and social progress of its clients, managers of airports.   

This structured approach to ADP International, allows the company to prioritize its approach in favor of sustainable development.

Protection of expatriates

The key factor of success of ADP International, its employees abroad

ADP International sends every year a large number of expatriate employees and technical experts from Groupe ADP at its sites. Safety and protection of them is a priority for the company. Thus, expatriates and experts of Groupe ADP are preserved by a specific procedure that relies on a permanent watch on the security situation in the country where the company operates. This real-time alert system is constantly improving through regular periodic audits, the provision for expatriates employees and technical experts of various communication tools and an enhanced awareness of staff on all security issues.

A Corporate governance based on transparency in business

ADP International is committed to strengthen the fight against corruption

Because of the international nature of its business, the company is particularly exposed to these risks and is attentive to implement the atmosphere and the mechanisms/procedures needed to minimize them.

Since 2011, ADP International works to disseminate best practices in the society in the fight against corruption.

This commitment has enabled take immediately the following actions:

  • • Revision of the Society Internal Rules to incorporate a code of ethics
  • • Awareness of all employees of the company
  • • Systematic surveys reputation for new partners.

This approach enables ADP International to better protect itself in relation to the particular risks of active or passive bribery of foreign public officials as well as the extraterritorial prosecution.

A voluntary environmental action plan

ADP International, the international promoter of good environmental practices

To date, the majority of airports where intervenes ADP International has an ISO 14001 environmental certification (Amman, Liege, 13 airports in Mexico, Cambodia, Zagreb). These certifications were obtained soon after the takeover of the airport with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of airport activity. Recently, several of these airports even got the ACI CO2 certification (Airport Carbon Accreditation) to demonstrate a voluntary carbon management.

ADP International allows to a lot of collaborators to access to training on environmental issues. It promotes also the development of investment projects for environmental purposes (water treatment ...).