Our approach to the operational readiness of a new airport infrastructure project (ORAT)

ORAT (NASTA) services are provided by Groupe ADP

Choose ADP International as your ORAT provider

ADP International benefits from its parent company Groupe ADP, which illustrated in building and operating the main airports in Paris. In particular, Groupe ADP operates Paris-CDG airport, where a new airport facility opens every 3 years on average.

ADP International has also built its own legitimacy, developing a specific methodology for new airport facilities opening. Over the last decade, ADP Management has improved its methodology on the airports of Algiers, Sharm El Sheik, Monterrey and Siem Reap. The NASTA methodology has also been applied to projects at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport (Satellite M in Terminal 2E), Amman and Mauritius.

ADP International ORAT methodology

An ORAT (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer) is the process implemented to ensure the operational readiness of a new airport or new airport infrastructure project.
An ORAT aims to secure future operations of the new facilities and to avoid additional costs due to delays, through an effective monitoring of planning, standards compliance and communication.
The NASTA (New Airport Serviceability and Transfer of Activities) methodology is a customized ORAT developed by ADP Management:

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    on a users community

  • 2

    all project’s members very early

  • 3

    a larger field than operational tests

Your tailored ORAT, NASTA

NASTA is a human adventure built on some fundamentals, leading to secured operations from day one:

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    and commitment of all airport users

  • 2

    of operational interface issues

  • 3

    trial operations and relocation

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