Airport design and engineering



ADP Ingénierie, Groupe ADP's subsidiary, designs, fits out and develops airports throughout the world (700 references worldwide). It provides auditing, consulting, architectural and technical design and works supervision services, as well as project management. 

ADP Ingénierie is also a provider of innovative solutions in a large number of technical fields: 

• Air navigation systems, 
• Safety and Security management Systems
• Baggage sorting systems
• Telecommunications networks, etc.


Drawing on its vast array of skills, ADP Ingénierie is able to step in at each and every stage in an airport infrastructure project. It is today the only all-round expert engineering firm that is 100% dedicated to the airport industry. 

Highly active in the Middle East, our engineering and architecture teams are also working on major projects in Asia, America, Europe and on the African continent.


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