Hub One : presentation

Telecommunications operator Hub One is a specialist provider of services and networks for airports and other sites with high business traffic.Founded in 2001 as part of Groupe ADP, Hub One offers a full range of solutions: Voice over IP (VOIP), voice and data convergence, high-speed mobile, video surveillance, tracking and geolocation.
Hub One also develops Wi-Fi services for the general public.

Leading expertise

40 years of telecoms experience serving the airport community of Greater Paris, Hub One now focuses its activity on complex sites such as airports, ports and logistics hubs and provides services for the entire Freight Transport and Logistics sector.
Hub One develops innovative solutions that incorporate important security constraints.

Our know-how

Operational expertise 

Hub One is an operator whose solutions cover the whole range of business telecommunications needs.
Our service commitments encompass quality and solution availability to meet the communications requirements of the different communities we serve: airports, freight transport and logistics operators, exhibition centres, ports and transport hubs. 
Our operations essentially provide the following solutions:

  • 1

    Telephony services

  • 2

    Network services

  • 3

    High-speed mobile services

  • 4

    Applications for businesses
    with high communication flows

Integration expertise

Operating its own network at Paris airports, Hub One has unique and unrivalled skills in the integration of telecom networks in complex environments.

From needs analysis to project management, we guarantee our customers long-term business solutions and perform the comprehensive integration of telecoms and information systems solutions.

To complement these services, we also offer maintenance, operational service and monitoring: network deployment, PABX installation, terminal and hardware hire/maintenance (landlines, DECT, fax, answering equipment).

A comprehensive range of solutions

Opérateur de télécoms et intégrateur de solutions métiers pour le marché du Transport Fret Logistique, nous proposons à nos clients entreprises, des solutions maîtrisées de bout en bout, incluant le réseaux multiservices et les applications communicantes permettant d’optimiser le fonctionnement et l’efficacité de leur processus métier.

Spécialiste des sites complexes, A telecoms operator and integrator specializing in the Freight Transport and Logistics market, we supply end-to-end solutions that include multi-service networks and communications applications designed to optimize the functioning and efficiency of our customers’ business processes.
A complex site expert, we pool resources with site managers to design, operate and maintain networks and thus offer value-added services to the business community at the site. We work closely with our partners to guarantee high quality of service and unequaled responsiveness.

TVoice over IP, voice and data convergence, high-speed mobile, video surveillance, tracking and geolocalization: Hub One as it all covered.
Our comprehensive offering and capacity for innovation mean we can offer solutions closely tailored to customers’ needs and supply the latest fixed and mobile telecommunications technology.

A cutting-edge innovator

Today, Hub One is reinforcing its position as a leading standard on its target markets and is pursuing its development across new sectors supported by services and solutions that combine innovation and performance. Hub One is following an ambitious strategy that is concentrated on several objectives: 

  • 1

    To increase
    its presence on its long-standing, international markets by affirming its presence as a leading telecoms operator at airports and complex sites in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; 

  • 2

    To strengthen
    its position as an IP operator at the national level with a major focus on the Fright Transport and Logistics sector

  • 3

    To expand
    its offering as an integrator and operator of tracking and geolocalization solutions in Europe.


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