Major advantages

  • 1

    A privileged location
    The appeal of Paris and France, which is the number-one tourist destination in the world

  • 2

    Complementary platforms,
    adapted to global traffic growth

  • 3

    A clear and modernised legislative environment
    Groupe ADP has full ownership of its land and its airport facilities

  • 4

    Non regulated activities with high potential
    Diversification real estate, Retail activities, International investments

A privileged location

Groupe ADP enjoys highly favourable geographic positioning thanks to:

The appeal of Paris and France,
A catchment area with an estimated population of 25 million within a 200km radius, a large part of which is directly accessible by TGV from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport,
The centrality of Paris in the heart of Europe that puts all the major cities of Western Europe within a two hour flight time,

This privileged location allows Paris Aéroport to attract a large amount of point-to-point traffic (77% of total traffic in 2017) and continue its development as a prominent hub.

Complementary platforms...

...adapted to future global traffic growth and a diverse customer base.

The three platforms of Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget form a complementary offering for every type of air traffic: long- and medium-haul, domestic, low-cost, leisure/charter and business. The ability of Paris-Le Bourget Airport to handle business air traffic allows Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports to focus on commercial air traffic.

Thanks to this complementarity, the Group serves a wide range of customers, and is home to the largest international airlines, from low- cost carriers to the three large international alliances of SkyTeam, Star Alliance and oneworld. In this way, it has traffic that is balanced between major geographical areas. These elements allow it to diversifyits growth and limit the risk of dependence on a single type of market or customer.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, the main hub of the Air France- KLM group, is the European hub that offers the most opportunities for weekly medium-haul/long-haul connections in less than two hours (1).
Moreover, Paris-Charles de Gaulle has a multi-modal network, as it is at the centre of a network of motorways (A1, A3, A104 motorways) and regional, national and international rail connections. In particular, the high speed train station located in the heart of Terminal 2 of Paris- Charles de Gaulle provides excellent air/rail interconnection.

Furthermore, the continuation of the project CDG Express made it possible to confirm that the direct rail linking Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris/Gare de l’Est will be opened in 2024.

Finally, the location of major freight players such as Air France- KLM, FedEx and La Poste at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport enables interconnection and optimisation of their respective networks.

A clear and modernised legislative environment

Groupe ADP has full ownership of its land and its airport facilities, and is, pursuant to the law and for an indefinite period, the operator of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget airports.

The economic regulation agreement (ERA) concluded with the French Government for the 1 April 2011 to 30 March 2015 pricing period provides the visibility required for the financing of the aviation activities. A new economic regulation agreement for the period 2016 to 2020 should be signed on July 2015.

Accordingly, under this agreement, Groupe ADP is authorised to raise the main aeronautical fees as well as certain ancillary fees up to a defined cap. The level of fees takes into account the return on the invested capital and allows the profitability of the regulated scope to gradually improve. These rate increases/decreases are associated with the implementation of an investment programme and quality of service commitments.

The change in the scope of regulation on 1 January 2011 establishes the adjusted-till system and encourages the development of retail and diversification real estate activities.

Non-regulated activities with high potential

Diversification real estate

Groupe ADP has 423 hectares of land reserves earmarked for future property developments at its airports.

Retail activities

Groupe ADP has 56,800 sqm of commercial space landside and airside, which allows the Group to offer its customers a competitive and diverse commercial offering. The development potential for future projects to increase the retail space in existing and new terminals, and to improve the current offering, enable the Group to continue to expand its retail activities.

International investments

In 2017, Groupe ADP acquired an additional 8.12% of TAV Airports capital, taking its stake from 38%, acquired in 2012, to 46.12%, and sold its 49% stake in TAV Construction6.

TAV Airports , whose activities are mainly located in Turkey, benefits from the dynamic Turkish Airlines and a privileged position in the Middle East. In 2017, TAV Airports passenger traffic increased by 9.8% compared with 2016.

(1) Source : Air France-KLM.