The airport as an experimentation lab

CONNECT is Groupe ADP’s experimentation program. Its purpose is to create partnerships to test, adapt and roll-out new products and services within Groupe ADP.

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Who is this programme for?

Why work with us? 

  • An unrivalled field of experimentation

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      A complete ecosystem that reproduces all the characteristics of a city:
      A place of consumption and life (shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, etc.)
      A diverse target group (passengers, retail customers, Groupe ADP employees, etc.)
      An area of work (business centres, etc.)
      A transport and mobility hub (car, train, RER, bus, plane, etc.)
      An international transit area with border and security challenges
      This variety makes it possible to test diverse business models, target customers and technical and digital solutions, amongst others.



    • 2

      A complex environment
      that ensures rich practical learning opportunities during your experiments.

    • 3

      Significant autonomy during test periods: ADP offers you all possible fields to carry out your experiments, which facilitates the end-to-end test process for users (customers and employees) .

  • Financed experimentation

    All experimentation is financed by Groupe ADP: through the Connect programme, Groupe ADP is able to finance the experiment and modification of your product/service to suit the airport market.

    Scaling up: a report on the experiments is shared with Groupe ADP senior management. For experiments producing encouraging results, Groupe ADP undertakes to work on industrialising the target solution.


  • Tailored support provided by dedicated experts

    In-house experts: The Connect programme makes experts across the business lines available to you, who can lend their expertise to your solution throughout the experiment and delve deeper into technical aspects, and the integration and adaptation of your solution to the airport setting:
    Engineering and other technical expertise of the Group

    External experts available to you. A comprehensive analysis of your structure and business model will be available to:
    Facilitate the scaling up process; 
    Draw up a fundraising dossier;
    Construct a roadmap;
    EU financing dossiers;


  • Visibility and access to our networks

    Connect gives you access to:
    More visibility regarding our 120 million customers and ADP partners in Paris and abroad
    Entrance to and stands at trade fairs and events 
    Space in the Paris Airport magazines
    Press releases and press relations
    Presence in the airport's business areas

    More visibility regarding the various Group business lines:
    Presentation of your projects to the management of the business lines concerned by your value proposition
    Referenced on the internal Start-up Match tool

    A world-class network that lets you broaden your business opportunities with:
    Group subsidiaries 
    Partner airports abroad 
    our partners


  • One-stop shop

    The Connect programme helps facilitate your partnership with Groupe ADP. An innovation project manager will be your unique point of contact and will support you during the contract, experimentation and financing stages as well as helping you navigate within the organisation.

  • An opening to a long-term partnership

    Our partnership doesn't end at the experimentation phase. Groupe ADP can support you in drawing up the fundraising dossier after the experimentation phase.

    The Connect programme enables you to apply for funding from Groupe ADP and partner investment funds. 

    If the experimentation phase is successful, Groupe ADP will be by your side during the scaling-up process, especially if you would like to pitch your project to the international market