Experimentation and roll-out new products and services

Connect s Groupe ADP’s experimentation program. Its purpose is to create partnerships to test, adapt and roll-out new products and services within Groupe ADP.

This program is for startups and innovative businesses (Startups and SME's that have developed a working prototype that is ready to be tested in the field and/or is in the marketing phase) as well as for the academic world (Researchers and students who would like to work with Groupe ADP on a specific field of experimentation), but also for partners (Institutional partners, large groups, international airports and other entities that would like to carry out experiments jointly with Groupe ADP).

experiments per year
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We finance your experiments

We are able to finance the experiment and modification of your product/service to suit the airport market. Scaling up. The results are shared with Groupe ADP senior management. For experiments producing encouraging results, we undertake to work on industrialising the target solution.

You are a startups? A innovative business? A reseacher? A student?

We build a long-term partnership

The journey doesn't end at the experimentation phase. We can support you in drawing up the fundraising dossier after the experimentation phase. The Connect program enables you to apply for funding from Groupe ADP and partner investment funds.

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