Robotics & dronautics

Benefits from robots' support

The field of use of robotics in the airport environment is very broad. By putting people at the heart of the equipment, robotics help to live a smooth experience, personalized, unique.

Therefore Groupe ADP is working on implementing robotic assistance for different tasks, whether industrial or commercial.


Robotics in the airport environment
The goal is to be able to rapidly industrialize new technologies to improve customer satisfaction and vis-à-vis competitiveness from our competitors.

Our previous tests


Groupe ADP is currently testing the use of drones in its airport to inspect some buildings and equipment (smoke detector efficiency tests or preventive surveillance). Such uses cases have driven us to study the role of drones in airport environment with great interest.


Robots: a case study

At the beginning of 2016, Groupe ADP will test a new service at a Paris-Charles de Gaulle car park. The concept of a start-up combines the advantages of a traditional valet with modern robotics (optimizing parking capacity, smart parking, etc.). This service will help to reduce the time travelers spend parking.


In September 2015, the Innovation team set up a conference about the collaboration between humans and robots. In 2015, Groupe ADP launched a project for considering opportunities to use robots in airport facilities. There are many examples, both industrial (facility monitoring, cleaning, baggage handling, etc.) and commercial (hospitality, information, new services, etc.).