Groupe ADP and DSNA Services (an air navigation service provider) present Hologarde, the comprehensive solution for long-distance drone detection

Groupe ADP and DSNA Services, a subsidiary of the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), decided in partnership to combine their expertise in the Hologarde project, with the aim of developing a drone detection system that can be adapted to all sensitive sites.

The Hologarde system incorporates three types of technology (radar, radio frequency and HD video) in a single control centre and can detect any type of drone up to five kilometres away. It was installed for testing at Paris-Le Bourget Airport during the International Paris Air Show. Once a drone is detected, it is monitored in real-time by camera through a control centre available on PCs and tablets.

Groupe ADP and DSNA Services are currently looking into how to manufacture Hologarde on an industrial scale and to develop countermeasures suitable for the airport environment.