publée le 19 octobre 2021

Vitirover: an eco-friendly solution for the maintenance of green spaces

For the next few months, Groupe ADP has acquired a fleet of 10 robotic lawn mowers on its Paris-Charles de Gaulle platform with a view to experimenting with a new solution for the maintenance of green spaces. You can find part of this "herd" of robotic lawn mowers near the air navigation equipment.

These robots are designed by the company Vitirover, a French startup which initially imagined them for the maintenance of Bordeaux vineyards. Vitirover, created by two viticulture enthusiasts, is a solution that originally aimed to work precisely around grassy vines while respecting the environment.

This four-wheel drive machine is 70 cm long and 30 cm high and weighs 22kg. Its small size allows it to perform precision work. The robots are autonomous and run-on solar energy; they are supervised by a "shepherd" who ensures that they are working properly and that they are fully charged 24 hours a day.

The objective of the experiment is to test alternative solutions for green space maintenance with the use of phytosanitary products or manual solutions. This project is also part of the ADP Group's overall approach to improve skills and deploy autonomous ground mobility technologies, of which robotics is an important component. Thereby, this solution could ultimately allow the automation of security processes for sensitive areas, such as air navigation equipment or double fences.

The project should last a total of six months, with a configuration phase going from October 20th to November 20th 2021, followed by a new test phase starting April 2022. It is led by the DGDI innovation team, in collaboration with the operational teams of CDGR.

You can find below some photos of our teams in the field.

More news are coming, so keep an eye out!

Robotic lawn mowers have been in place since October 20th 2021, in two areas of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, outside aeronautical areas. The 10 robots will have to take up the challenge of maintaining 24 hours a day, for regulatory reasons, the base of the chains delimiting the VOR area - a radio navigation equipment - as well as part of the bottom of the state fence.

A first assessment is expected on November 20th 2021, before relaunching the experiment on April 1st 2022.