Open, our acculturation offer

Designed to communicate on new projects, inform on new forms of work and lead conferences and workshops. 

Innovation Hub, is a workplace of more than 300 sqm² located at the Group's head office in the heart of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. This hybrid space supplemented by a showroom dedicated to technologies welcomes events and workshops and promotes chance meetings between our partners and staff.

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  • Convention Nudge

    Nudge Convention

  • Meeting Innovation Hub


  • Workshop Robobox

    Workshop Robobox

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    Conferences & workshops

    InnovationHub welcomes conferences, workshops on tomorrow's technologies and forms of work.
    Robotic, the airport of tomorrow, autonomous vehicles, drones, AI. An array of means to stimulate creativity and explore new territories.
    Innovation Day, Disruptive Morning, Lunch conference, Pitch Startup: An eclectic program for staff and partners.

    With Startup Match, a tool specializing in collaborative intelligence, InnovationHub lists startups in its ecosystem.

    Photo : © Cyril Fussien/Gwen Le Bras

    The technological showroom

    InnovationHub's technological showroom is where the group's employees, partners, external visitors can discover tomorrow's technologies and innovation projects currently being developed by Groupe ADP.

    The showroom is the group's showcase in terms of innovation for tomorrow's customer experience.

    It is also a place where new digital technologies, such as virtual reality headsets, drones, interactive tables, new mobility, are exposed and tested.

    Photo : © Cyril Fussien/Gwen Le Bras


    • Autonomous and connected cars

      Autonomous car

    • E-bulle and aurasens

      Aurasens / E-Bulle

    • Holographic Pyramid

      Holographic Pyramid

    • Electric scooter

      Electric Scooter

    • Interactive table

      Interactive Table

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      • Play Your Airport Pitch

        Play Your Airport

      • Play Your Airport Jury

        Jury Play Your Airport

      • Winners Play Your Aiport

        Winners Play Your Airport

      • Final Airport Startup Day

        Airport Startup Day

      • Pitch Airport Startup Day

        Pitch Airport Startup Day

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        A project accelerator

        The InnovationHub supports projects and startups entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial approach.
        Our approach is unique: to create collaboration and a logic of
        co-development with startups, large groups, employees, the academic world, investment funds (for breakthrough innovations and innovations and / or incremental) .

        Our value offer for startups, our field of experimentation as well as the international dimension offered by the Group is unique in the airport industry.

          - Pitch startup in our business areas at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.
          - A personalized coaching.
          - Co-development with our partners
          - Access to our ecosystem and our events network

        Photo : © Cyril Fussien/Gwen Le Bras

        Visit our workplace

        Visitez Innovation Hub, l'espace Innovation du Groupe ADP conçu au sein de son nouveau siège social de Paris-Charles de Gaulle, pour imaginer l'aéroport de demain. -