Groupe ADP is in charge of developing Conakry's Gbessia Airport 

Groupe ADP has been present in Guinea since 1987, firstly via Sogeac, which has been managing Gbessia Conakry International Airport for 35 years, and then via the new concession company Sogeag (Management and Operation Company of Gbessia Airport), which is due to take over the management of this airport in early 2021 and in which Groupe ADP holds a 33% stake, in partnership with the Republic of Guinea (34%) and the pan-African investment fund Africa50 (33%).

This new concession contract, signed in 2020 for a period of 25 years, will include the construction and management of a new domestic and international flight terminal, as well as all ancillary infrastructure: a new freight terminal, parking areas, renovation and extension of the runway and main taxiways.

This modernisation project will further increase the levels of service, safety and security offered to passengers, while generating economic activity, with particular attention to environmental issues

As part of an Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) approach, this new terminal is intended to be a benchmark in the region for sustainable development.

It will have a capacity of 1 million passengers whereas the airport already benefits from a solid traffic base, thanks to the travellers linked to the Guinean diaspora, the clientele of businessmen (notably in the mining sector) and the service to certain West African neighbouring countries.

At last, the management of this airport is an important stage of the Groupe ADP's development in Africa, which has provided a great number of services such as architectural design, airport planning or engineering for large international airports in various countries.

million passengers in terms of capacity