Diversity and equal opportunities

In 2013, Groupe ADP signed the diversity charter. Now, in 2017, the firm has signed its first company-level agreement on diversity. In this agreement, Groupe ADP not only underlines its value of equal treatment and opportunities, but also takes concrete measures in this field, particularly in recruitment, mobility, and training.

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Mission handicap

Since 1991, Groupe ADP has undertaken to actively support employment of people with disabilities. Among French firms it is leading the way in this field.
By signing the tenth company-level agreement in 2019, Mission Handicap is upholding the group’s undertakings and taking action in recruitment, job retention, and awareness-raising within the firm. Moreover, Mission Handicap seeks to preserve the level it has achieved since 2014: a legal employment rate of 6%.

  • 7.28%Employment rate in 2019.
    The average among private French firms stands at 3.3% in 2018

Gender equality

Aéroports de Paris S.A. published on 1st March 2022, in accordance with the legal obligation, its gender equality index and obtained a score of 88/100, the minimum threshold set by the government being 75/100.
This result reflects the commitment and work carried out by all teams to move towards genuine professional equality. It is an encouragement to all to continue efforts in this direction.
It also reflects the actions carried out since 2003, which culminated in the signing, with the social partners, of six successive three-year agreements on professional equality between women and men.
In addition to equal pay, which is a fundamental element of professional equality between women and men, Aéroports de Paris S.A. considers diversity to be one of the pillars of its HR policy. This commitment is reflected in particular through actions aimed at boosting the recruitment of women and gender diversity in its business lines.

Generation contract

Groupe ADP has introduced an action plan that meets the threefold objective set out in the “Generation Contract” improving access to permanent employment for young people, continuing the employment of senior employees and ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills. 

The purpose of this action plan for the generation contract is thus to acknowledge both the added value of each generation of employees and the wealth behind the intergenerational sharing of experience.

  • 39%of young people into permanent positions

Solidarity for employment

Groupe ADP implements socially responsible HR practices that reflect its social priorities. For example:  

• the company actively promotes the employment of young people and their access to qualifications, in particular through the creation of future employment opportunities through its Planèt’AIRport programme, it has made a long-term commitment to a strategic approach involving the employment of local residents;

• it organises “Discover the airport business” seminars for job-seekers

• it actively supports priority education networks through partnerships with neighbouring communities, namely by signing an agreement to help integrate young people into the working world via a work/study course at the Val-de-Marne Second Chance School.

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