Our business areas

The abundance and the diversity of the business activities at the airports are what give Groupe ADP its unique character. Find out about our range of business activities here. 

  • Airport activities

    The following are the airport operator's main duties:
       • Operation and maintenance of airport infrastructures and ensuring 24/7 access
       • Provision of facilities and services: telecoms, power, waste management, etc.
       • Customer service and information
       • Implementing regulations for aviation security


      • Passenger information and services.
      • Air transport safety rules.   • Sale parson 
      • Maintenance technician
      • Airport operations manager
      • Operational safety manager
      • Power network manager...
  • Retail outlets and services

    Operations incorporating all synergies aimed at offering airlines and passengers services that are best suited to their needs


      • Market manager
      • Product manager
      • Retail sector manager...
  • Project engineering

    Design and development of airport facilities in a demanding environment
    Engineering helps satisfy the needs of infrastructures (construction or renovation) and IT projects


      • Project manager
      • Project management engineer
      • Project management work inspector
      • Project coordinator
      • Planner
  • Support services

    For the main activities of the Group, staff fulfilling support duties strive to ensure the operational staff are able to function properly – HR, communication, IT, management control, legal, etc. – everybody works to make airport life easier


      • Purshaser
      • Business lawyer
      • Territorial relations manager
      • Human resources manager...
  • Real Estate

    A strategic activity with high growth potential, it entails developing, marketing and managing non-aviation airport real estate or diversification projects on the land surrounding the air terminals


      • Real estate asset manager
      • Real estate asset management supervisor
      • Real estate development manager
      • Real estate project manager...
      • Planner
  • Airport development and international activities

    This covers the activities of the group's subsidiaries working in airport management, engineering and construction, as well as security and telephony, and includes the following areas:
       • International airport design and management through subsidiaries ADPi (engineering) and ADPM (management)
       • Development through Hub One (telecoms operator, traceability and mobility integrator)
       • Airport security through Hub Safe


      • For ADPi and ADPM: airport jobs and project engineering
      • For Hub One: networks and systems engineer, telecoms operation engineer

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