Publié le 27/01/2022

Discover and join
the Groupe ADP Graduate Programme

Are you a young graduate with high potential? Groupe ADP offers a unique orientation programme that allows you to gain a wide range of professional experience in a limited time and acquire in-depth knowledge of the company and the exciting world of airports. Would you like to join us? Find out more about our Graduate Programme and its courses through five personal stories.

Nicolas, graduate in Airport Operations

« Aeronautics is a long-standing passion of mine, cultivated through my various air travels and reinforced during a visit to the Paris Air Show.

I trained as an apprentice engineer at the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) between 2017 and 2020. That’s how I joined Groupe ADP as a work-study student at Paris-Orly. I arrived at a promising time, just as the Orly 3 junction building was being commissioned.

This three-year apprenticeship with Groupe ADP, including an eight-month assignment in Madagascar, made me want to continue working with the Group. I then thought of doing the Graduate Programme, which is a great way to start a professional engineering career. With this 24-month experience, the programme offers the chance to gain a broad overview of the different businesses and divisions and to quickly deepen your knowledge of the company, its culture and its values. I was selected at the beginning of 2021 and went through a standard recruitment process, including various interviews.

I am currently working in the passenger/terminal process department at Paris-Orly, where I am helping to redefine the strategy for airline relations and the public land policy for external and internal customers. I’m having an amazing time!

If I had one message to give to students, it would be to go into the air industry. The sector is taking off again, with new challenges to overcome, including the ecological transition. The great thing about air travel is its ability to adapt! »

The Graduate Programme’s operations track is designed to offer rapid immersion in operational job roles.
Justine Coutard
Director of Paris-Orly and Head of Airport Operations

Clémentine, graduate in finance support programme

« I have a double degree from Sciences Po, specialising in finance, and Supaero, where I was in the science programme. I discovered the world of aeronautics and really enjoyed it. I wanted to stay in this industry despite the Covid-19 crisis, which had a big impact on air transport. Airports are at the crossroads of several worlds, both public and private, interfacing with technology and management.

I applied for the Graduate Programme at Groupe ADP, in the Finance track. I participate in the Investment Committee every month, where the Group’s various departments in France present their investment projects. Each project is reviewed, its maturity tested, which requires me to go into the field. This way I can get to know the different airports better. And despite the crisis, investment capacity is still important for pushing projects forward.

I was also attracted by the prospect of getting to do an international assignment, as I love languages. My heart was really set on Groupe ADP. »

The great thing about the Graduate Programme is the wide variety of profiles that participate in it.
Thierry de Séverac
Director of Engineering and Capital Projects and Head of Engineering-Contracting

Christina, ex-graduate in HR support

« Graduate courses are still not widely available, yet they are particularly rewarding for young graduates. I’ve always been drawn to the air travel industry. Joining Groupe ADP through this programme therefore made perfect sense.

I was lucky enough to be supported by managers who were keen to pass on their knowledge and know-how throughout the course. After working on HR policy and strategy issues, I was able to familiarise myself with the position of Human Resources Manager (HRM).

The crisis we went through was a big learning experience. I was able to deal with new issues, while also gaining a better understanding of the human side of our business, in particular by supporting our employees in this unique situation. This closeness makes everything we do more meaningful. My last assignment strengthened my desire to continue my career in an HR position, where I deal with both operational and strategic issues. »

The Graduate Programme is a great resource for our company and a big investment in the future.
Laurent Gasse
Human Resources Director

Florian, graduate in the Big Data technical programme

« After graduating from the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) in Toulouse with a degree in avionics systems, I had the opportunity to work on different computer programming languages and to do operational research for air transport.

The fact that there is a specific data department within Groupe ADP was a decisive factor in my choice. I was already familiar with the Group because I did my final-year internship in the Operations Department at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. I intend to be a long-term partner for Groupe ADP. The abundance and variety of data is incredible, and it is thanks to Big Data that we can correlate it. About a dozen use cases have been identified!

I am doing my third assignment in the Information Systems Department, in the Big Data Division. The work is highly varied: analysing flight forecasts, airport traffic, parking data, monitoring passenger traffic. The operational challenge on this last issue is to reduce wait times for passengers and improve customer satisfaction. Thanks to Big Data, we can produce fairly accurate forecasts a few hours in advance, updated every five minutes, which are communicated to service providers. »

Thomas, graduate in the technical programme

« I joined Groupe ADP in August 2021, after training as an engineer at Ponts et Chaussées (Civil Engineering and Construction Department). I had already done an internship with Groupe ADP, on the project to connect satellites 1 and 3 of Terminal 1 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. When I had the opportunity to join the Group after my studies, I did not hesitate. As a fan of aeronautics, I was particularly interested in the complexity of the world of air travel. In airport infrastructures, there is a dichotomy between the industrial side and the high level of architectural quality needed to accommodate passengers, with numerous issues of logistics, traffic management, etc.

The Graduate Programme has given me the opportunity to learn more about airport engineering through three assignments in different areas, including prime contracting, design, operation and project management. For my first assignment, I started working again on the junction building between satellites 1 and 3 of Terminal 1, as a project manager for the structural work and roofing package. Seeing this project come to fruition was highly motivating and satisfying. For my second assignment, I will be moving to the operations side, where I’ll learn all about managing the passenger process at Paris-Orly.

For the rest of the programme, I would like to help develop and transform Groupe ADP’s airports, at a time when new long-term technical issues and challenges are arising. »

What is the Graduate Programme?

Puce-Bleue  3 Programme Tracks: Airport Operations; Technical Production (Engineering, Prime Contracting, Big Data); Support (Finance, HR)

Puce-Bleue  Length of the programme: 24 months with three eight-month assignments, each in different sectors

Puce-Bleue  One assignment may be carried out internationally 

Puce-Bleue  5 years of higher education: from a grande école or university, with a maximum of two years of professional experience