Students and recent graduates

What are our commitments and what are your guarantees?

• Offering motivating work placement challenges, apprenticeship assignments that tie in with studies and promoting independence;
• Providing personalised support for students during their company induction period and throughout their apprenticeship;
• Ensuring the success and satisfaction of the young people who have chosen Groupe ADP.

Calling all recent graduates: join Groupe ADP at manager level as part of the Graduate program Calling all students: join Groupe ADP as part of a work/study program or a work placement

15 recent graduates... on average, per year, have joined Groupe ADP via the Graduate Program since it began 
200 work/study and 200 trainees are hosted within our operational and functional units

  • 15 recent graduates
  • 200 work/study
  • 200 trainees
  • Graduate program

    Why to choose this program?

    The Groupe ADP's Graduate Program offers young graduates, future engineers and managers a diversified career path in the airport industry. It consists of a adapted course comprised of 4 missions that are each 8 months long, following which a position will be offered. 

    The benefits of the program:

    •  4 different possible paths, reflecting operational, technical and support profiles;
    •  missions with responsibility;
    •  personalised support;
    •  an exciting environment;
    •  the establishment of a network of relationships;
    •  the opportunity for experience abroad.

    For is this for?

    If you are a young graduate with a master's degree and up to two years of experience; speak fluent English; and are flexible, curious and creatively proactive, then join us!

    How to join the next round?

    Between 1 February and 30 June, go to the "Join us" section on our website to upload your curriculum vitae and cover letter, stating you are applying for our Graduate Program.

    What is the recruitment process?

    Process recrutement  Graduate program


  • Work/study

    Work/study programmes are aimed at young people enrolled on a vocational course ranging from CAP level (French vocational training qualification) to Bac +5 (five years of higher education).

    What does a work/study programme involve?
    Work/study programmes combine theory-based learning (period spent at a training centre) with practice-based learning (period spent within a company). The alternating work/study rhythm and the length of the contract vary depending on the target qualification and the establishment. Within a company, work/study students are supervised by a mentor who oversees the acquisition and development of professional skills suitable for the target qualification.

    Why and how should you enrol on a work/study programme at Groupe ADP?  
    Work/study programmes help young people gain an understanding of the working world and the world of business in the context of their course. They are a real stepping stone for integration into the world of work. 

    Recruitment of trainees runs from June until October.

  • Work placements

    How are work placements run at Groupe ADP?
    Professional or final-year work placements last, in general, between three and six months and often begin within the first half of the year. Groupe ADP also hosts secondary school pupils in Year 9 for introductory placements lasting four to five days.
    The rights and responsibilities of the trainee, along with the description of their activities, are defined in a tripartite agreement signed by the company, the school and the student. 

    Why should you do a work placement at Groupe ADP?
    Groupe ADP houses a wide variety of professions, enabling it to offer students rich and varied work placement assignments that make use of its own specific skills and know-how.