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Are you hoping to find meaning in your job? Want to get a fresh new start in your career? Discover our main professions.  

Top professions

Market Lead - Sales and services

Are you a guru in marketing strategy? Come showcase your talent on our teams. You will develop the best offers, all while managing relationships with a variety of partners: brands, dealers, joint ventures and more. Knowledge of the field is one of your key strengths.  

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Maintenance technician - Operations and maintenance

Our facilities must remain operational at all times. That’s why you help to ensure everything keeps running smoothly. You will take part in preventive and corrective maintenance on buildings, equipment and facilities. Your key areas are maintenance methods, electronic engineering, infrastructure/roadways, HVAC heat transfer fluids, industrial automation/IT.   

« I work on jet bridges and boarding areas. It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to work right at the aircraft doors! My favourite part of my job are all the relationships: with passengers, flight staff and the wider airport community. »

Eve, low-voltage technician

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Lead developer - Project engineering

As the leader of a team of developers, you will be responsible for one or several IT projects. You will oversee the projects from start to finish and ensure their success. Your strength? You combine technical expertise with project management and leadership skills.

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Architect - Project engineering

« Having an in-house engineering department, where we can work directly and rapidly with the project leader, is a real asset for Groupe ADP. It's a rare thing. »

lead architect 

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Big Data engineer - Project engineering

Les données n’ont pas de secret pour vous ? Devenez le maillon clé de notre chaîne de traitement de la data ! Vous êtes responsable de nos systèmes de traitement et nos bases de données. Comment ? En définissant, développant et mettant en place les outils et les infrastructures nécessaires aux équipes pour l’analyse des données générées par nos activités.

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Real estate - Immobilier


Ce qui vous motive, c’est la vente ? Venez piloter la stratégie de vente et de location de nos actifs immobiliers (bureaux, hangars, hôtels, etc). Votre objectif ? Participer à l’amélioration de la performance économique dans l’activité immobilier du Groupe ADP, aussi bien en termes de chiffre d’affaires que de marge.   

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International legal advisor - Interdepartmental functionsansverses

Are you an expert in law and compliance? Come and help identify and mitigate legal risks within an international context. You will take part in complex projects that offer exciting challenges, all within multicultural teams     

« The airport is the first stop on a journey of discovery, which is what makes our business so exciting! »

Ouahida, international legal advisor  

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