Working in operations and maintenance

Want to take part in the activities of our airport platforms? Join our operations and maintenance services. From the terminals to the tarmac, we offer many different professions and fields of operation.  

Work on the ground, directly in the terminals and on the tarmac

The activity oversees the operation and maintenance of Groupe ADP’s airport infrastructure, including:  

ensuring the provision of facilities and services
energy, industrial IT, waste management, operation of parking infrastructure, access routes, etc.
Welcome and process
passenger reception and information and organising airport activity in real time
or applying air transport safety and security rules

Operations and maintenance comprise a diverse range of professions

On-call Operations Manager

Your mission? Working at the centre of airport operations, you coordinate, anticipate and organise terminal activity in real time. Nothing escapes your attention as you ensure the smooth operation of infrastructure, safety and security for all airport users.

« The most exciting part of my job is working together with service providers, companies, assistants, as well as the relevant government agencies. It’s a unique job that only exists within Groupe ADP. »

Karina, on-call operations manager


Customer Services Coordinator 

Every day, you anticipate and track down operational issues. In this task, you work with all our partners, airlines, relevant government agencies and service providers. Your goal: to make the passenger experience as pleasant as possible from the moment they arrive in our terminals to the second they step through the aircraft door.


Fire safety and personal assistance service agent (SSIAP)

Teamwork is at the heart of this profession, which offers 2 levels of responsibility. As a Level 1 SSIAP prevention agent, you are responsible for fire detection and prevention, while also providing assistance to individuals. As a Level 2 SSIAP prevention agent, you manage a team of Level 1 SSIAP prevention agents. All this in a unique environment!

« The airport is a constantly changing environment. We carry out a wide variety of operations across an immense perimeter. I was able to expand my experience and develop my skills very quickly, which in turn allowed me to advance my career! »

Alexa, SSIAP 2

Animal Risk Prevention Officer

Did you know? In addition to the airport infrastructure at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, grasslands occupy more than a third of the airport's total surface area, spanning some 2,000 hectares. At Groupe ADP, your mission is to ensure aircraft safety and security while preserving and respecting this ecosystem, which is home to more than 80 species of birds and 15 species of mammals that live around the runways. You will be involved in active prevention (monitoring the animal fauna around the runways) and passive protection (diagnostics, inventories and analyses of biodiversity). 


Two good reasons to pursue your career at Groupe ADP

Come discover travellers, airlines and the airport community

Do you want to work on the ground, in the heart of the action? In our terminals or on the tarmac, you will be working with state-of-the-art equipment and collaborating with numerous contacts.

Benefit from excellent career opportunities

As one of the leaders in the airport industry, we offer a wide range of jobs within our operations and maintenance activity. The fields are numerous: industrial cybersecurity, HVAC/thermal fluid, access controls, platform lighting management, runway lighting, etc.


« What I like most is installing new equipment, because it helps me develop new skills. My job allows me to work as closely as possible to the aircraft and to interact with many people to keep passengers happy. If you have the opportunity to join Groupe ADP, don't hesitate! »

maintenance technician at Paris-Orly


« I chose to work for Groupe ADP because of its wide variety of jobs. The mobility opportunities, both on the runways and in the terminals, are also a big plus. If you like the airline industry and working with the public, come join us! »

customer service coordinator