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Open to the world, our airports are places of life, interaction and discovery. We design and manage these platforms in a responsible way: this is a critical part of our purpose. Discover some of our social and societal commitments.  

We place CSR at the centre of our HR policy

Our group is enriched by its commitments

Groupe ADP's ambition is to become the airport benchmark in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Our approach is built on dialogue with our various stakeholders. It is built on four pillars: steering the airport's environmental transition and supporting the transition of air transport, making our regions more attractive, making our employees the key players and beneficiaries of our development, and being a responsible group and spreading a culture of responsibility and ethics. 



Whether they work at the head office or at our airport platforms, our employees remain at the forefront of our strategy. For example, we have made it a priority to ensure gender equality and to maintain and develop the skills of our employees. 


Gender equality

Aéroports de Paris S.A. published its 2023 gender equality index for the year 2022 and obtained a score of 89/100.  the minimum threshold set by the government being 75/100.

This result reflects the commitment and work carried out by all teams to move towards genuine professional equality. It is an encouragement to all to continue efforts in this direction.
It also reflects the actions carried out since 2003, which culminated in the signing, with the social partners, of six successive three-year agreements on professional equality between women and men.

In addition to equal pay, which is a fundamental element of professional equality between women and men, Aéroports de Paris S.A. considers diversityd at boosting the recruitment of women and gender diversity in its business lines..

Balanced representation of women and men in executive positions at large companies

In order to accelerate the representation of women in economic and professional life, Law No. 2021-1774 of 24 December 2021 to accelerate economic and professional equality (French text) includes a number of measures to improve gender equality in business. Its Article 14 sets out an obligation of balanced representation between women and men in executive positions at large companies, and for them to publish any gaps in equality. Companies must achieve the target proportion of 30% women and men in senior executive positions and 30% male and female members of management bodies from 1 March 2026. This target will be increased to 40% from 1 March 2029.

Aéroports de Paris SA figures for 2021:

Senior executives: 29.2%
Executive Committee members: 31.7%
Management Committees reporting to directors on the Executive Committee: 35.9%

Discover our CSR approach, a central part of our strategic direction and corporate culture.

Our employees are also responsible citizens

We encourage our employees to get involved in a number of solidarity initiatives: recycling, tutoring, solidarity leave, salary round-ups or sponsoring non-profits, particularly in the fields of disability and breast cancer research. Here are a few examples of the initiatives you can support by joining our group. 

Donation drives to benefit non-profits

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, we collect clothes and toys every year. In 2021, we donated 264 kg of clothing and 995 kg of toys to the non-profits « La cravate solidaire » and « Rejoué ».

Education: a key priority of our foundation

Interested employees can also get involved with our corporate foundation. Groupe ADP Foundation is committed to preventing and combating illiteracy, as well as securing educational paths by working to prevent school dropout and failure.

Skill sharing for late career employees

This initiative allows senior employees to make a smooth transition to retirement by getting involved in the non-profit community at the pace that is right for them, from a few days a year to full time.

We work to improve quality of life at work

Groupe ADP attaches great importance to quality of life at work for all its employees. This is reflected in our permanent focus on work organisation and conditions, as well as our numerous social benefits. 

Facilitating remote work

For us, the occupational well-being of our employees revolves around an optimal work-life balance, as well as reduced travel time. Since remote work has proven its benefits, our remote work agreement allows a large share of employees to work remotely for up to 50% of their hours.

A healthy work-life balance

With 27 to 30 days of vacation each year and about 20 days of RTT or equivalent, we offer rest periods that go above and beyond the legal minimum.

Dedicated points of contact

Our HR department is dedicated to quality of life at work. It implements new work organisations, psychosocial risk prevention programs, coaching, group or individual actions and more.

Joining Groupe ADP also means…

…benefiting from numerous social and cultural advantages, in particular a mutual insurance plan covered at 100%, financial support for daycare and housing, cultural support with a lecture series, access to sports facilities…

We contribute to the dynamism of our regions

We are convinced that the airport of the 21st century must integrate seamlessly into its environment and work in partnership with its territories to generate a positive impact. Our airport spaces create jobs that make the surrounding communities more attractive. Discover a few initiatives that contribute to the dynamic activity of our regions. 

Interactions with local residents

Located near the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports, our Environment and Sustainable Development Centres (MEDD) are dedicated to our neighbours. Among the many activities they offer, these centres organise events paired with thematic exhibitions for schoolchildren in neighbouring towns.

Information about our professions

The Cité des métiers du Grand Roissy-Le Bourget highlights the various professions available in the region and at our airport platform, as well as the training courses in place for accessing these professions. The centre aims to reach a wide audience: schoolchildren, high school students, job seekers, employees, etc. The Cité des métiers du Grand Roissy-Le Bourget also offers recruiting assistance to companies.

Aerowork, an efficient recruitment platform

A new digital platform connecting airport recruiters, public employment services and candidates, the Aerowork job opportunities website, co-founded by the ADP Group, is transforming recruitment. It's revolutionary because candidates can apply to several companies without a CV or photo and find a job very quickly.

business creators supported by the Hubstart Paris Région® incubator, supported by Groupe ADP
7 500
hires facilitated by the non-profit Papa Charlie (car lending) , with support from Groupe ADP
young job seekers from the Greater Roissy-Le Bourget area trained abroad through the ENVOL PRO program

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