Take part in the transformation of our Group

The airline industry needs to change. This is both a necessity and our collective responsibility. We have planned out this transition for all our airports through a set of ambitious goals that are already being implemented by our employees and executive committee. Join us in contributing to this transformation!

We want to decarbonise our business by electrifying our ground operations, heating our terminals with renewable energy, promoting sustainable construction with low-carbon materials and more. We have already reduced our CO2 emissions by 71% since 2009 and are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030 at all our airports.
Augustin de Romanet
Chairman & CEO

We aim to become a sustainable and responsible group 

Our CSR approach is ambitious 

CSR is not a new topic at our Group. We reaffirmed our CSR approach in 2022 with our 2025 Pioneers strategic vision. We designed our approach with a wide-reaching plan, crafted in consultation with our employees and involving our entire ecosystem. 

Our goals: become a sustainable group, become a responsible group and become a group committed to the development of its employees and regions. 

Discover the Groupe ADP’s vision for 2050

Reduce average taxiing emissions per flight by 10% at Paris-Orly and Paris-CDG.
Set a lifecycle carbon budget for all investment projects over €5 million.*
Carry out 120 tests in societal, environmental and operational innovations by 2025.**

*for ADP SA,TAV 

**including 30 leading to industrialisation.for ADP SA, TAV, Hub One 

We maintain a permanent dialogue with all our stakeholders 

Together with our group, all the public and private players in our sector are conscious of the environmental impact of our activity within a context of growth. We carry out reflections and studies to propose concrete and sustainable solutions. 

For example, we took part in a prospective study led by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), which analyses the various ecological transition paths for the aviation sector on a national scale in order to contribute to its decarbonisation.  

In 2021, we created a stakeholder committee made up of 16 external experts. Its objective is to foster an open and productive dialogue for all of our strategic topics. The committee's recommendations are used to prioritize the Group's CSR efforts, provide input on our strategic directions and strengthen our ability to anticipate changes in our business and ecosystem. 

The connection between public and private players is changing everything in our business. Having the opportunity to actively participate in the changes taking place in our sector, together with all stakeholders, allows our employees to conceive ambitious projects.
Amélie Lummaux
Director of Environment, CSR and Regions at Groupe ADP

Join us in creating a new airport model

The transition of our business is also a transition for our employees. By joining Groupe ADP, you will have a tangible impact on future decisions and help to change the industry. Take part in the future of air transportation! 

Accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure at airports 

Like our hydrogen engineers, join the joint venture created by Groupe ADP and Air Liquide, specialised in integrating hydrogen into airports. Preliminary studies in the sector have demonstrated the potential of hydrogen to decarbonise aviation, notably by identifying several production and distribution systems that can be integrated into airport infrastructure. 

Preserve the biodiversity of airport territories

Like Alice Etienne, environmental project manager and head of environmental management systems coordination at Groupe ADP, you can help to promote biodiversity. Our airports comprise more than 3,000 hectares (7,400 acres) of meadows and green spaces. These are home to more than 800 plant and animal species, including several bird species classified as regionally endangered.

Due to the nature of our activities, we play an essential role in preserving biodiversity. This is why each platform, both in France and internationally, has introduced a roadmap of actions and monitoring to promote biodiversity.
Alice Etienne
Environmental project manager and head of environmental management systems coordination

Our actions in favour of biodiversity described during a visit from Allain Bougrain-Dubourg, chairman of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO)