Aéroports de Paris creates its new traveller brand, “Paris Aéroport”,
and becomes “Groupe ADP"

Paris Aéroport

A new brand aimed at travellers, rolled out in the Paris airports embodying our commitments in terms of customer care, services and commercial offering. More visible and coherent, the
brand will accompany passengers all along their passage through our terminals. It reflects the Group’s ambition to create a strong preference for Paris, as well as its commitment to promote the attractiveness of Paris.

Paris vous aime

Paris Aéroport announces to the whole world: "Paris vous aime", a true declaration of love and commitment to all our passengers.

Groupe ADP

A single banner that unites all core businesses and subsidiaries in France and abroad and that reflects the ambitions of a group that is a world leader.

Documents to download

14 avril 2016 press release
A new mobilisation for the attractiveness of Paris - Aéroports de Paris creates a new traveller brand, “Paris Aéroport”, and becomes “Groupe ADP

Press Conference - Presentation (in french)
Le Monde a rendez-vous avec Paris 

Vision Book "Paris vous aime" (in french)
Vision Book "Paris vous aime" 

Logos Groupe ADP et Paris Aéroport
Download Groupe ADP logo 
Download Paris Aéroport logo 

The film of the advertising campaign "Paris vous aime"