Groupe ADP's airport network

Groupe ADP manages and operates, directly or via TAV Airports and GMR Airports, more than 20 airports on all continents. It is a privileged interlocutor and strategic partner for the local and public airport authorities. 

Group experts are involved on a daily basis in all areas involving airport operations in order to improve their management and operations. This includes optimizing operations, commissioning new infrastructure (terminals, runways, etc.), assisting with airport certification, developing aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues (terminal shops and services, real estate), increasing traffic by developing new destinations (Route Development). 

Several airports managed Groupe ADP are known for the quality of service and reception offered to passengers, but also for their action in improving sustainable development.

The group also aims to create positive impacts in order to ensure its airports' development also benefits local economies and talents.


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Our major partnerships:

Groupe ADP's role, as an investor, is in line with a long-term shareholder structure, particularly through strategic holdings in leading airport companies: TAV Airports in Turkey, Airport International Group (AIG) in Jordan and, more recently, GMR Airports in India. These shareholdings are usually in combination with industrial partnerships or joint ventures.

Groupe ADP provides to airports around the world and to the various airport authorities (both public and private) support in terms of seeking project financing, structuring investments and debt, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Groupe ADP also supports airport authorities in the upstream phases of reflection: concessioning, organisation of financial structuring, searching for industrial or financial partnerships... The international teams supervise the advice (bankers, lawyers, etc.) in charge of the financial side of the business.

Groupe ADP's main airports

Groupe ADP also manages 10 civil general aviation airfields and 1 heliport located in the Île de France region.