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The full range of our technical services ensures the highest standards in term of safety, security and passenger experience, thereby attracting airlines, adressing airports stakeholders' challenges and reaching world-class performances in Airports Operations & Maintenance.

Our airports operations solutions


Consulting on Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA)

/ Greater airports reach out for a greener future /

Your airports’ first step into a carbon free world is to seek expert guidance. Groupe ADP is your ideal consultant for that

The Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) gives a common framework to airports to effectively manage and reduce their emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, it assesses and emphasizes the commitment of airports in reducing their carbon footprint, as well as facilitating the sharing of expertise, exchange of knowledge and communication in respect to CO2 reduction and improvement measures.
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As an active stakeholder on environmental topics (member of ACA Task Force within ACI and founding member of Airports for Trust), Groupe ADP provides consulting services aiming to assist you in getting organized and prepared for the process of Airport Carbon Accreditation:

1. Communication, pedagogy and promotion of the aca principles: general approach, explanation of the certification process objectives, benefits and levels.

2. Introduction to the aca requirements related to the level of accreditation targeted. 

3. Insight on the methodological approach to be followed, in line with the level targeted: which data to collect, where to find it and how to process it.

4. Mapping of stakeholders to get involved in the process.

5. Recommendations in the definition of macro action plan to be implemented by the airport to comply with ACA level requirements.

Why our ACA consulting is the most recommended for your airport?

You get the best of a tailor-made approach

adapted to your ambitions in terms of ACA level and in accordance with data availability. As an airport operator itself, Groupe ADP fully shares your operational challenges.

Timely reduction of your energy costs

Our recommendations will help you benefit from increased environmental efficiency and lowered energy consumption. This is enabled by the implementation of sustainable alternatives and process optimization.

Uplifts your business 

demonstrating your commitment to manage and reduce your airport’s carbon footprint. Your accreditation will be seen as the hallmark of this commitment to your stakeholders and to the general interest.

You benefit from Groupe ADP experience and feedbacks

In sustainable ways to reduce CO2 emissions. For instance, Parisian airports operated by Groupe ADP have reduced by 71% their net emissions of CO2 per passenger between 2009 and 2019.

Groupe ADP, sharing solutions for a cleaner airport industry

Three experts within Groupe ADP are members of the ACA task force within ACI.
As of 2022, 15 worldwide airports within Groupe ADP and its subsidiaires are actively involved into an ACA process at different levels,

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Airport operations centers and collaborative decision-making

/ Selected special skills are needed to pilot a great airport /

Groupe ADP consulting in airport operations, a key expertise to orchestrate all your activities

Structured and well planned involvement of Stakeholders, together with efficient Communication and information exchange, are key to the improvement of your airport’s performance and its operational success and resilience in any situation.

This can be addressed through well established Airport Operation Centers, which facilitate supervision and monitoring, while encouraging collaboration and coordination.

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Whether it takes shape of Collaborative Decision-Making structure (A-CDM), focusing on airside performance optimization with strong involvement of Air Traffic Management, or Airport Operations Center (APOC) monitoring of the entire processes of airport value chain (Airside and Landside), we accompany you throughout the process to gradually extend and reinforce the operational management of your airport.

Combining those structures, along with consistent tools and stakeholders involvement, enables you to reach to the ultimate stage called Total Airport Management (TAM), which subsequently helps you to make the best deci- sions by anticipation, while providing a 360° overview of airport operations, processes and performances.

Our experts can make tailor-made recommendations for the implementation of such operation centers and bring solutions adapted to your airport's specific profile:

1. Feasibility assessment in line with your objectives.

2. Promotion and communication about the targeted structure.

3. Definition of operational processes and procedures.

4. Recommendations and assistance on IT and technical tools.

5. Project management and recommendations to set-up the implementation phase, such as roadmap, site layout and workspace and work position design.

Why our consulting in airport operations center is the most recommended for your airport?

You get levers to monitor and improve every aspect of your business towards excellence

Among those benefits are: an optimized use of ground and terminal resources, an improved security and safety, an improved passenger satisfaction, an improved resilience of operations during disruptions and fastened recovery and, finally, a reduced impact on environment.

You create the conditions for a reliable engagement of every stakeholder

Which is a key to a continuous success in the industry and operations. This can only be achieved through long term collaboration and taking ownership, resulting in smooth coordination and better decisions.

You better anticipate the future

On a daily basis, it starts with an improved predictability of traffic to thwart traffic congestion and therefore improve on-time performance. On the longer run, it allows you to better anticipate any disruptive event and mitigate its impact thanks to predictive tools.

Your benefit from a proven efficacy

The methodology that has led to A-CDM and APOC implementation has been successfully executed in Paris-Orly (32 million Pax and 218 000 air movements in 2019) and Paris-Charles de Gaulle (76 million Pax, 498 000 air movements in 2019) airports.


Groupe ADP, leading your airport towards excellence

Over the past decade, as airport operator, Groupe ADP has gradually reinforced its capabilities towards airport supervision, paving the way to a Total Airport Management mindset. Those achievements have increased our understanding about how the share of organized information between stakeholders is a key success factor for improvement of operational performance towards excellence. The experts from Groupe ADP are therefore particularly skilled to design efficient organization scheme and formalize processes related to Operations Centers.

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Cyber security

/ For great airports, cyber-space is as important as airspace /

Groupe ADP's cyber security services, a complete solution to address the cyber security challenges

As strategic assets, airports are potential targets for malicious attacks and intrusions, not only in their physical infrastructures, but also in their Information Systems and communications network.

For Groupe ADP, cyber-security is therefore a paramount concern and needs to be carefully taken into consideration in the definition of an airport’s system architecture.
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In collaboration with Sysdream (Cyber security Division of HubOne, a fully owned subsidiary of Groupe ADP providing digital technology solutions), we support our clients worldwide to make their airports and their Information Systems more protected.

We provide you with a wide range of solutions to address each stage of the cyber-security chain

  • 1 Technical audit and reviewing of organization and processes, based on robustness tests and integrity assessment.

  • 2 Deployment of relevant technical solutions to anticipate risks by securing information systems.

  • 3 Learning and cyber-challenge trainings.

  • 4 Remote surveillance and identification of intrusions through a SOC – Security Operation Center

  • 5 Resources for remediation actions oriented against intrusions through a CERT – Computer Emergency Response Team.

1 Technical audit and reviewing of organization and processes, based on robustness tests and integrity assessment.

2 Deployment of relevant technical solutions to anticipate risks by securing information systems.

3 Learning and cyber-challenge trainings.

4 Remote surveillance and identification of intrusions through a SOC – Security Operation Center

5 Resources for remediation actions oriented against intrusions through a CERT – Computer Emergency Response Team.

Why our cyber-security services are the most recommended for your airport?

You team up with certified experts

HubOne holds PASSI qualification (and PDIS is in progress). All our experts are also certified by the
best international standards. HubOne team includes around 80 cyber security professionals and covers
all the expertise needed to provide you the best solutions. They consider organizational schemes
and staff training as key factors to sustainably address and respond cyber security issues.

You get all the certifications needed

HubOne holds PASSI qualification (and PDIS is in progress). All our experts are also certified by the best international standards.

You learn from a constant feedback

Our expertise is continuously enriched by regular feedbacks from other case studies in various industries and from our own experiences in other airports which we have worked on.

Groupe ADP, a safer cyberspace for all airports

Since the dawn of the digital era, cyber security has become a critical topic and a major issue for airports. Not only the platform’s overall capacity to avoid incoming cyber attacks or to recover from such strikes is at stake, but also its long term business reliability and reputation can be affected.

To tackle these threats, Groupe ADP supports you in all the aspects of cyber security: definition and deployment of robust organizations, implementation of efficient tools and processes to assess the vulnerabilities, anticipate the risks and mitigate the impacts.

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Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT)

/ A key to a smooth airport opening, is a robust orat plan bespoke to your project /

Groupe ADP Airport Services, delivering ready-to-use airports from day one

The implementation of a ORAT plan tailored to your project needs ensures that stakeholders are focused on a mutual project objective, namely a definitive operational readiness and a smooth transfer of facilities to the end-user.

Having a solid knowledge of the systems architecture and thorough training ensures that the systems are used efficiently and operational costs, including maintenance, is optimized. This reduces life-cycle costs associated with improper use.
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Timeline ORAT

Why our proven and unrivalled ORAT methodology is the most recommended for your airport?

You gain the benefit from our project management approach that follows the highest industry standards

We plan all tasks to be completed in a coherent sequence, monitor the progress and integrate the impact of other plannings such as third-party works. Any obstacle or risk for opening is also reported to the executive management teams.

You benefit from early stakeholder engagement and preparation for operations

through a robust familiarization, training and readiness programme that will be implemented, with realtime working group meetings occurring from early stages to ensure that operation and maintenance staff are actively involved and familiar with the systems and processes.

You are guaranteed a strong involvement of experts in operation, IT, maintenance and change management

to facilitate the transition between the handed-over project and the real-life environment, to ensure an optimum level of security, safety and the highest level of quality of service and finally to assess the overall serviceability of the facility.

You are offered tailor-made services

Ranging from (remote) ORAT advisory to total ORAT "turnkey" solution after undertaking a throughout ORAT assessment, with our experts being deployed for a fixed duration on-site or on-demand missions.

Groupe ADP ORAT airport services accomplishments, in a nutshell

As a world leader in airport design, construction and operation, involved in the operations and the management of 28 major international airports, Groupe ADP offers its unique know-how on development and commissioning of airports. Over the past 20 years, it has successfully put into operation new and enhanced airport facilities around the world (from 500.000 passengers to 70 million passengers capacity.)

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/ Operating airports worldwide, the core business of Groupe ADP /

Cooperation and transfer of know-how, giving your airport the best of Groupe ADP

For more than 70 years, Groupe ADP has been a leader in the aviation sector gaining experience on every aspect of airports operations and maintenance.
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An unrivalled pool of expertise across the airport value chain

Groupe ADP is recognized for its ability to develop tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of each of the airports in which it operates. To this end, Groupe ADP can mobilize resources at various levels from a unique pool of experiences capitalized by its 20,000+ employees in France and abroad:

/ On its airports in France and abroad
/ Among its specialized subsidiaries
/ Its know-how transfer tools, procedures and documentation

A flexible and efficient way to provide support and assistance to the management

Groupe ADP has built a strategic partnership with its clients, delivering support through Operation and Maintenance agreement. The partnerships lie on 2 major pillars: expatriates and support.

Deployment of professionals to key positions (from C-level to department head) for assisting airport management and operations effectively CEO, COO, CCO, CFO, CTO, Operations Director, ORAT Director.
Experts missions on specific subjects in addition to the seconded personnel. The additional support service includes but is not limited to: General Management, airport operations and facility maintenance, non aero business development, airport capacity development, ORAT - Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer, traffic development, sustainable airport development, information technology and special airport systems.

Strategic objectives of O&M

Regulatory compliance through the deployment of international operating standard

/ Through audit gap analysis and training we will help you reach the highest level of standard in safety, security and quality.

/ Through strategic review and operational actions our experts in maintenance and infrastructure management will enables your technical department to know their assets, optimize operations and decrease OPEX.

/ Through a proven methodology of setting up efficient organization we support our customers to unlock their performance.

Active contribution to economic development and financial performance

/ Benefit from our in-house aviation development team to structure a strong route development strategy and
increase attractivity and traffic.

/ Boost your non aeronautical revenues by optimizing your commercial surfaces and concept.

/ Benefit from our expertise, process and benchmarcks to control you financial trajectory and enhance performance.

Deployment of a strong social and environmental responsibility policy

/ Reduce utilities consumption and improve waste management.

/ Deploy noise control processes and mitigate impact of airport activities on neighboring areas.

/ Benefit from our experience in dealing with local communities and bring positive impact with our Groupe ADP Fondation.

Why choose Groupe ADP Airport Services?

Groupe ADP is a multi-local company, involved in 28 international airports of various size and typology, all over the world. We understand local constraint whilst deploying the highest standards in airport operation to reach world-class performance in Airports Operations & Maintenance.

We pay special attention to safety, security and passenger experience. This, together with our ability to address any airport stakeholders challenges, make us an attractive consultant and partner to various airlines and aviation related entities.

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Knowledge, training, learning

/ The right knowledge gives airports an edge /

Groupe ADP shares its expert knowledge to get the best of your airport

Human capital is airports’ most precious asset, upskilling & re-skilling your staff skills is one of the key factors to increase all your airport’s efficiency. As knowledge is to be shared, its seamless transmission is a priority to us, and we are eager to share it with our clients in a comprehensive and practical format.

Through our learning services, our goal is to bring our clients a better understanding of their airport’s regulations and best practices. Our ambition is to ensure our partners a sustainable future throughout the entire lifecycles of their airports.
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Our training

Our Learning services are a unique opportunity for you to upskill re-skill your personnel/people, give your employees a direct feedback, test and develop new ideas to solve operational problems; while sketch viable plans for the future.

  • Engineering

  • Airport operations & systems

  • Airport & asset management

  • Ground handling

  • Health & safety


Airport operations & systems

Airport & asset management

Ground handling

Health & safety

  • Dangerous goods

  • Firefighting

  • Cyber

  • Security

  • Soft skills

Dangerous goods




Soft skills

Why our learning programs are the most recommended for your airport?

Learn the right way

Our courses and learning programs are designed to be accessible to their target audience, uniquely built by
our experts to convey key concepts and best practices a structured manner that will ensure participants, learn, retain and apply.

Interact with your instructor

Led by highly skilled instructors, our in-person programs (face to face or through remote learning) involve direct exchange with the trainees. Direct dialogue and interaction also occurs through case studies, quizzes, problem solving and discussions inside and outside the classroom.


Action is a key factor to retain new information. Our courses therefore include simulations, case-based
applications and, whenever possible, on the job or on-site activites to encourage learners to concretize their newly acquired skills.


Upon completion of training programs and successfully passing the evaluation, participants are issued a completion certificate from Groupe ADP and/or its Partners. A selection of our programs are delivered in-conjunction with TAV Academy. HubOne & GMR Aviation Academy can also ensure official certification by IACO or IATA and ACI.

Groupe ADP, sharing knowledge for smarter airports

With 70 years of experience, Groupe ADP is a world leader in the airport industry and is currently active in 125 airports within 50 countries. Our profound global experience in the airport industry gives us a competitive edge towards tackling any form of challenge that the sector may bring. Our proactive approach to sense and understand the industry’s needs and requirements, including implementing latest technologies, allows us to offer our client the best solutions for smarter airports.

Come learn with us in any of our learning hub: Dubai, Istanbul, Dehli/Hyderabad or one of Groupe ADP airports.

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