Groupe ADP purpose

Until 2020, Groupe ADP with its Connect 2020 plan expressed its objective of being a leader in the design and operation of airports. In 2020, Groupe ADP has adopted “raison d'être” (a purpose) and clearly sets out what unites the group and what the hundreds of professions that make up Groupe ADP's unique expertise contribute.


"Welcome passengers, operate and imagine airports, in a responsible way and all around the world"


Groupe ADP, since “l’Aéroport de Paris” was founded in 1945, has accompanied the evolutions of air transportation and strived to anticipate the needs of its clients (airlines and passengers) in order to provide the highest hospitality standards and contribute to a quality journey.

We design, built and adapt, along with our partners, the airports of tomorrow: thought as genuine innovation hubs, they should be sustainable and elegant, functional, welcoming and safe.

We believe that, today more than ever, this innovative approach is critical to tackle tomorrow’s challenges and conciliate the expectations of our stakeholders with the urgency of social and environmental issues.

Because an airport is a complex ecosystem, our role is to harmoniously integrate the many professions and players that make it up, for the benefit of the territories where we operate and in order to guarantee the level of security, safety and fluidity expected by all. Strong of our longstanding expertise and the engagement of our thousands of co-workers, we join all our forces to bring operational excellence at the forefront of our infrastructure’s management process and create value for all our stakeholders, passengers, airlines, co-workers, suppliers, local communities, financers and authorities.
Groupe ADP manifesto

The purpose reaffirms our identity in France and internationally
through common references


priority to people
design, innovation, anticipation, development
Operational excellence
through operations and sustainability
Value creation
for all our stakeholders: passangers, airlines, authorities...

The purpose is anchored in the company's statutes and commits the group towards third parties. It reflects the reality of Groupe ADP's activity.