Le Grand Charles gets a makeover

Nicknamed “Le Grand Charles” (Big Charles), the huge luminescent flight arrivals and departures board overlooking terminal 2E got a complete makeover on 26 July. The aim? To bring it into line with the Group’s new look. Details and explanations about an airport monument.

Simultaneously displaying more than 150 flights departing from and arriving at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Le Grand Charles has taken pride of place in the middle of terminal 2E for the last 10 years. Sporting the colours of Paris Aéroport’s new graphic identity, this luminescent panel featuring a modern design spans more than 6.5 metres and weighs 6,250 kg, perfectly matching the decor and style of this futuristic terminal.

On each side, you’ll find more than 33 sq.m of screen space and 150 lines of real-time flight updates in French, English and Chinese. All of this has been designed to meet the needs of the international customers Paris-Charles de Gaulle welcomes every day.

In terms of graphical resolution, the technologies used on the panel are nudging 4K, providing full colour images allowing for the screening of videos with viewing angles of 160°. This level of definition and precision allows for a clearer image. With such a high pixel count, you can see much smaller details. It’s much easier on the eyes!

Equipped with LEDs, the display intensity automatically adjusts to the ambient light conditions. The screen can remain lit up for long hours while also consuming 50% less electricity. This makes it a more economical and environmentally friendly solution in comparison to the previous display panel.

Paris Aéroport wishes you a fantastic holiday!

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