Investment at the heart of our work

Invest, Groupe ADP's investment programme, is devoted to strategic operations and has an internal investment fund named ADP INVEST.

The Invest programme allows Groupe ADP to invest in innovative companies and building long-term partnerships with them. These investments follow on from the Connect programme, and target the three innovation programmes offered by the Innovation Hub.


Groupe ADP's direct investment in startups

A partnership with shared benefits, offering

Access to the 3rd largest airport network in the world

Our industrial expertise

Opportunities to develop your business abroad through the 26 airports manage by Groupe ADP

Groupe ADP's indirect investment in external funds

A complementary scheme, offering

Access to a larger list of startups

Global geographical coverage

Greater visibility for the Group thanks to the partners of the ecosystem

Synergy between the different shareholders in the network (corporate, shareholders, partners, etc.)

A strategy that... in line with the Connect program
We finance companies that already have experience with Groupe ADP.
...focuses on the future
We invest in companies that are connected to our businesses. We rely on the founding team and offer financing to help your long-term development.
...provides expertise
We provide expertise that is essential to your development: business support, business development, recruitment, accounting, technical experts, etc.

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