published on 15 février 2022

BERING: The autonomous pre-marking robot

In order to increase their skills in robotics, CDGU maintenance and DGDI teams wanted to test a robotic and autonomous pre-marking solution, via the Bering robot co-developed by Conscience Robotics and Héracles Robotics.

Conscience Robotics is a French start-up, which designs the robot and its autonomous dimension, through the Artificial Intelligence embedded in the Bering robot. It has developed the pre-marking use case with Héracles Robotics, another French start-up founded by two surveyors.

Since November 2021, several full-scale tests of the Bering robot have taken place to test the autonomous realization of the pre-marking, an essential action in the realization of the definitive road marking of the network, within the public zone of Roissy airport.

This small robot is able to move in its environment in an autonomous and optimized way. The robot aims at reinforcing safety, optimizing and facilitating the work of the employees present on the field. Thanks to its embedded Artificial Intelligence, it has the ability to perform pre-marking on the ground in compliance.

Through an application, a tracing is created virtually by a surveyor from AUTOCAD plans and topographic surveys made on site (mainly lines, curves and dotted lines...). Then the robot receives this information and goes to place itself to carry out this pre-marking by using centimetric GPS geolocation.

For areas where GPS coverage is not satisfactory, or even non-existent, a QR-code route is currently under development, to take over. Conscience Robotics and ADP Group are working hand in hand to robotize and optimize the pre-marking activities within the airport.

The next step will be a new test phase at the end of January, to measure the robot's evolution in the face of the challenges defined by CDGU maintenance throughout its development.

At the beginning of March, the final pre-marking layout will be completed to prepare the road markings necessary for the experimentation around terminal 1 of an autonomous car at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

You can find below some pictures of the robot during its last field test.

You can find below some photos of our teams in the field.
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