Terminal South and Terminal West become Orly 1-2-3-4

At Paris-Orly airport, a new chapter starts today!

Say ‘goodbye’ to Orly South and Orly West and ‘hello’ to your new terminal, Orly 1-2-3-4! 

Orly 1 2 3 4

Discover Orly 1Orly 2, Orly 3Orly 4.


What are you looking for?

Paris Aéroport changes to offer comfortable spaces for all passengers

What changes will improve your trip? 

High quality passenger journey
A completely redesigned and streamlined passenger journey, with clearer and more visible signage
New layout standards
Enhanced security and reliability with reconfigured security controls and a new baggage sorting system
More pleasant and modern spaces
A reinvented travel experience, with comfortable spaces offering Internet access and an authentic Parisian shopping area
Fluidity to access
Paris within close reach and even more accessible with dedicated parking and drop-off areas and fast and efficient public transport services

A new airport experience

This new construction will increase the passenger capacity of the airport.

Our challenge is to accommodate the growth in traffic, the emergence
of new airlines and the ever-growing list of international destinations,
while providing world-class customer service and levels of comfort.

Discover a single terminal

Simplified layout

The names Orly 1-2-3 or 4 showing on your flight ticket corresponds to your departure area: 1-2-3 or 4 at Paris-Orly airport. Follow the guide herebelow for your check-in and boarding procedures.


How to reach the new terminal?

Reading the road signs

The road signs around the airport have been modified to help you find your parking or drop-off points.


By car

When approaching the airport, highway signs wil indicate the 4 zones clearly. 

By public transports

he names of Orlyval stations and the names of buses and shuttles stops
match the check-in areas at the airport Orly 1-2-3 and Orly 4.

Orlyval: Shuttle train going to the airport from RER line B. 

How to locate and find your parking?

Car parks map

Parking mars 2019