S’engager auprès de nos collaborateurs

ADP Group consists of high-performance companies and partners, all of whom are stakeholders in the growing and rapidly changing industry of air transport working to boost France's appeal. The sector’s competitiveness motivates and challenges its practices and products. Due to the diverse nature of business lines and customers, as well as the necessary and continual transformation in production that comprises airport service, ADP will continue to develop its corporate culture and leadership in the fields of diversity and innovation.

Consistent with its four values of trust, commitment, boldness and openness, ADP Group pledges the following:

Work towards integration within a high-performance group

Contributing to the teaching and sharing of the industry’s best practices: exchange programme and joint training with our partner airports (Istanbul and Amsterdam). 

© Bruno Pellarin - Paris Aéroport

Improve skills within an international group that has a wide range of jobs and career paths

More than 500 trades, with our core business being real-time airport operation: 

Measures to reinforce the “real-time” operation of our terminals: 
 nearly 2,000 "Airport helpers" in passenger services, a network of volunteers to reinforce local teams in times of high traffic or exceptional events (heavy snowfall, strikes, etc.), a network with an operational around-the-clock presence 24/7.

« Graduate program » arrangement: 
Fifteen young people per year are recruited for three, eight-month assignments in various sectors before taking a position.

Sylvain Cambon - Paris Aéroport

Join a group that is rapidly expanding, puts customers first and makes innovation a priority

Be a stakeholder in an ecosystem that is designing the airport of the future:

Paris Aéroport, a "start-up-friendly” company 
that opens its airports to start-ups and innovative SMEs and advocates an approach based on partnership and open innovation.

Organisation of numerous challenges mobilising internal and external talent to creates innovative solutions (hackathons, calls for project proposals, etc.).

© Jean-Pierre Gaborit - Paris Aéroport

Join a group that plays a key role in its region, cares about the community, and is committed to excellence in management.

Numerous opportunities to show civic involvement and to take part in skills-based sponsorship:

Development and management of a business referral network of sponsors, apprentice mentors, training supervisors, and occasional instructors. 

Support measures in the fields of education, culture, and the fight against illiteracy carried out by our  corporate foundation in partnership with more than 50 organisations.

© Gwen Le Bras - Paris Aéroport