Committing to our local region

The three main Paris airports, identified as major economic drivers, generate more than 30 billion euros of added value, or 5.8% of regional GDP.

The regional development pledge is based on the collective construction of regional attractiveness and economic strength. 

Making life easier for those working at the airports

Facilitating mobility

Access to a vehicle with Papa Charlie (NGO Planèt’AIRport): supplies vehicle loans for home-work commutes to individuals who are offered a job and have no transport solution, offers the opportunity to buy a vehicle on microcredit, provides interdependent carpooling or driver training. 

Personalised public transport for home-work commutes with Filéo: nine bus lines available on request 24/7 offer employees who live far from transit hubs or work atypical hours to have the opportunity to benefit from public transport.

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Developing the local economy

Generating local employment
Making up more than 8% of employment in the Ile-de-France region and creating more than 340,000 direct, indirect and spin-off jobs or knock-on employment opportunities via the airports. 

Supporting local SMEs:  
Procurement: more than 70% of our purchases come from local businesses.
Location: developed land is made available. 

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Protecting the environment and local residents

Acting as the European leader in climate strategy 
Reducing CO2 emissions (34% reduction from 2009 to 2015)
Developing renewable energy (geothermal, biomass and photovoltaic) 

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Encouraging training, employment, and social integration

Promoting re-employment through social integration clauses:
Inclusion of a social integration clause in work contracts for key Paris Aéroport projects.
More than 115,000 integration-applicable hours for work on the Paris-Orly Nouvel Envol project.  

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Promoting the local region to attract international businesses

Hubstart Paris Region®, a tool for the international promotion of Greater Roissy  
Alliance of 30 public/private sector partners in charge of promoting Grand Roissy-Le Bourget, abroad, welcoming international investors, and providing international growth opportunities to local businesses.

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Leading Europe and the world in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

In Europe, the Paris airports are number one in CSR:
Highest ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) score among the major European airport groups, Sustainalytics Study – October 2015 

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