Taxis at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport

To guarantee you a safe trip at a fair price, we recommend that you always take an official taxi outside our terminals. Only taxis located in stations located at the gates of the arrivals levels are authorized to pick up customers. These official taxis are recognizable by the light sign on the roof of the vehicle. If you are approached at the exit of the baggage claim by people claiming to be taxis, we invite you to decline any transport proposal.

Our tips for recognizing an official taxi

Refuse all solicitations inside the terminal
For your safety, be careful with soliciting, it's forbidden!
Spot the "Taxi" signs and follow them
to find dedicated stations outside the terminals.
Check the illuminated taxi sign
before getting on board. The device on the car top must be green.
Check if a counter showing the price is present
On arrival, pay the price indicated on the meter.

Location of taxi ranks

To leave the airport, you will find taxis at the exit to the baggage claim area of your arrival terminal: 

  • Terminal 1: exit 24 on the arrivals level
  • Terminal 2A: exit 6
  • Terminal 2C: exit 14
  • Terminal 2D: exit 7
  • Terminal 2E: gate 10 on the arrivals level
  • Terminal 2F: gate 11 ont the arrivals level
  • Terminal 3: exit of the arrivals hall
  • Terminal 2G: blue gate

Taxi rates
How much is a trip between Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris or the suburbs?

- Between Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris “right bank”: 55 euros.
- Between Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris “left bank”: 62 euros.*

*Tariffs provided for information purposes only, valid as of 01/02/2023, and does not engage the responsibility of Paris Aéroport.


Book your taxi in advance

Paris Taxis

Paris Taxis (coverage only in Paris) cover Paris and 3 bordering departments (Hauts-de-Seine - department 92, Seine-Saint-Denis - department 93, Val-de-Marne - department 94).

Alpha Taxis (in french):
+33 (0)1 45 85 85 85

+33 (0)1 47 39 47 39 or 36 07 (€0.15/min)

Suburban Taxis

Suburban Taxis (coverage only in suburbs) cover Paris and 4 bordering departments (Essonne - department 91, Val-d'Oise - department 95, Yvelines - department 78, Seine-et-Marne - department 77).

ABC Taxis (in french):
+33 (0)1 43 83 64 00

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