Taxi ranks at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport

Recognizing an official taxi

Only taxis located at the gates mentioned above (see "taxi locations") are allowed to take customers. These taxis can be identified by the light on the roof of the vehicle. 
If you are approached by people posing as taxi drivers when leaving the baggage claim area, we invite you to decline any proposal of transportation. Find out more

Où rouver un taxi officel

Where to find an official taxi

Taxi locations

To leave the airport, you will find taxis at the exit to the baggage claim area of your arrival terminal: Terminal 1: exit 24 on the arrivals level / Terminal 2A: exit 6 / Terminal 2C: exit 14 / Terminal 2D: exit 7 / Terminal 2E: gate 10 on the arrivals level / Terminal 2F: gate 11 ont the arrivals level / Terminal 3: exit of the arrivals hall / Terminal 2G: blue gate

Taxi fares

A flat rate is applied for taxi journey from the capital to Paris airports and vice versa.
Between Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris "right bank":
Between Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Paris "left bank": €55 
More information about taxi packages *

Taxis fares Paris-CDG

* Fares are indicative only. Paris Aéroport accepts no responsability.

  • Paris Taxis

    Paris Taxis (coverage only in Paris) cover Paris and 3 bordering departments (Hauts-de-Seine - department 92, Seine-Saint-Denis - department 93, Val-de-Marne - department 94).

    Alpha Taxis - Reservation "Alpha Taxis": 01 45 85 85 85

    Les Taxis Bleus - Reservation "Les Taxis Bleus": 01 41 52 54 25

    G7 - Reservation "Taxis G7": 01 47 39 47 39 or 36 07 (€0.15/min)

    G7 Horizon - Reservation "G7 Horizon": 01 47 39 00 91 (free call). Service accessible to passengers with reduced mobility

  • Suburban Taxis

    Suburban Taxis (coverage only in suburbs) cover Paris and 4 bordering departments (Essonne - department 91, Val-d'Oise - department 95, Yvelines - department 78, Seine-et-Marne - department 77).

    ABC Taxis - 
    "ABC Taxis" switchboard: 01 43 83 64 00

Official taxis at Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Taxis officiels à Paris-CDG