Paris-CDG : from March 29th at 11.30pm until further notice, flights operated from Paris-CDG terminal 1, 3, 2C, 2D & 2G are reassigned to others terminals.
Paris-Orly : from March 31th at 11:30pm until further notice, all flights operated are reassigned to Paris-CDG.

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Due to the current situation regarding the epidemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, traffic is reduced on the RER B (Find more). Orlyval service is suspended from March 27 at 21:00 until further notice. The Bus Direct traffic is also modified (Find more).

Special travel certificate: the French government has taken measures to restrict mobility. Each person wishing to travelling will have to hold a document certifying the reason for his or her displacement. 
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Warning: access to the terminals of Paris airports is restricted to employees and passengers (with a reservation) who travel only in the context of the exceptions provided for. Taxis and transport are always available for these journeys.

Shuttles between terminals at Paris-Orly airport

Before arriving at the airport, consult the different shuttle services, available free of charge, for transfers between terminals in the public area.



Car park shuttle

INFORMATION: From 6 June 2018, car park P4 becomes car park PECO

The Car park shuttle is free of charge and stops at the terminal buildings and the airport car parks:

•  Departs from: Orly 4, Exit 47, Stop 9
                           Orly 1-2, Exit 15, Stop 3 
•  Route: Orly 4 - Coeur d'Orly (Parking station, Police Station, Hotel Ibis) - Car park PECO (previously named car park P4)  - Orly 1-2 - Orly 4
•  Frequency*: from 9 to 19 minutes 
•  Timetable*: 247.


Automated metro connection between Orly Airport terminals and the Antony RER station.
Note: a special fare is applicable to this journey. 

Orlyval also provides transport between the Orly 1-2 and Orly 4. (One minute between the terminals). 

Click on the link to see the Orlyval shuttle route 

• Departs from:
Orly 4, next to RATP desk.
Orly 1-2-3, Exit 14(take the lift to access the departures level). If you are outside the terminal building, an escalator takes you directly to Orlyval.

• Frequency of shuttles (for information purposes): every 4 minutes (during peak hours) to every 7 1/2 minutes 

• Timetable:
> Regular service from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day 
> Between 03h30 and 06h00 and between 23h00 and 00h30, the car park shuttle links the connection between Orly 4 and Orly 1-2.

Click on the link to consult the timetable for the shuttle 

• Journey time 
Antony to Orly 4: 8 minutes
Antony to Orly 1-2: 6 minutes

*The fares, timetables and journey times are provided for information purposes and are not binding for Paris Aéroport

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