Shuttles between terminals at Paris-Orly airport

Before arriving at the airport, consult the different shuttle services, available free of charge, for transfers between terminals in the public area.



Car park shuttle

Shuttles run every day.

Schedule : 24hrs. from the bus stations Paris-Orly 1, 2 & 3: stop 3 and Paris-Orly 4: stop 1
Frequency : 15 min
Stops served :
- Orly 1-2-3 -> P5 / P5 group buses -> PEco Valet / PEco 2 -> Cœur d’Orly / P4c / P4c group buses
- Orly 4 -> Cœur d’Orly / P4c / P4c group buses -> PEco Valet / PEco 2.

At Paris-Orly, shuttles are 100% electric. A saving of 530 t of CO2 per year


Automated metro connection between Orly Airport terminals and the Antony RER station.
Note: a special fare is applicable to this journey. 

Orlyval also provides transport between the Orly 1-2-3 and Orly 4. (One minute between the terminals). 

Click on the link to see the Orlyval shuttle route 

• Departs from:
Orly 4, next to RATP desk.
Orly 1-2-3, Exit 14(take the lift to access the departures level). If you are outside the terminal building, an escalator takes you directly to Orlyval.

• Frequency of shuttles (for information purposes): every 4 minutes (during peak hours) to every 7 1/2 minutes 

• Timetable:
> Regular service from 06 am to 11:30 pm every day 
> Between 03:30 am and 06:00 am and between 23h00 pm and 00:30 am, the car park shuttle links the connection between Orly 4 and Orly 1-2.

Click on the link to consult the timetable for the shuttle 

• Journey time 
Antony to Orly 4: 8 minutes
Antony to Orly 1-2: 6 minutes

*The fares, timetables and journey times are provided for information purposes and are not binding for Paris Aéroport

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