FAQ : Preparing your hand luggage

Paris Aéroport recommends to pack all liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols in hold luggage when purchased outside the airport.

  • What liquids can I put in my hand luggage?

    Paris Aéroport recommends packing in checked luggage all liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols purchased outside the airport, in your hold luggage.

    However, if you wish to take them with you in the cabin, they must be in containers of up to 100 ml placed in a transparent re-sealable bag (e.g. freezer bag) of up to one litre capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). Only one bag per passenger.

    Baby or infant food required for the trip is authorized and subject to controls whatever the size when travelling with a child. These items must be shown separately at the security check and you may be asked to taste them in the presence of the security agent.

    Medicines whether liquid or gel are authorized, whatever the size. The amount must correspond to the length of your trip. We recommend that you carry with you a doctor's prescription or a pharmacist's certificate mentioning your name. 


  • May I purchase bottles of over 100 ml in duty-free shops and carry them with me onboard the airplane?

    You may if you don't have any connecting flights. 

    You may carry with you in the cabin drinks, cosmetics, etc. larger than 100 ml purchased in duty-free shops.In some cases, the sales attendant will place them in a security sealed bag with a sales receipt stating the date of purchase. You must present the bag separately at security checkpoints. You must not open the bag before you reach your final destination. 

    If you have a connecting flight, consult ask the staff in the store before making your purchase. 

    As 31st January 2014, liquids bought in duty-free stores will be subject to no restrictions for passengers on connecting flights, provided that theses purchases are placed in a security bag at time of purchase.

  • Can I take my lipstick with me onboard the airplane? 

    Yes, "solid" cosmetics are authorized in the cabin. However, lip gloss is restricted (100 ml max. in a clear one-litre bag). 

    Important: on flights to the United States, the volume of powder products (make-up, talc...) is limited to 350 ml.

Drugs and medical devices in airplane

  • Am i allowed to bring insulin and syringes?

    Syringes, injection pens and medicines are authorized in quantities required for your trip. 
    You will be required to produce a doctor's prescription or a pharmacist's certificate mentioning your name. 

  • I suffer from asthma. Can I travel with an inhaler?

    Yes, but we may ask you for a prescription in your name or certified by a pharmacist.

  • I have a metal prosthesis. Do I follow a special procedure?

    You must inform the security agent about your prosthesis before going through the security scanner.
    You must produce a medical certificate or an X6ray image featuring your protesis.

  • I need crutches to walk. Can I take them in the cabin with me?

    Yes but walking sticks, crutches and walking frames are subject to an X-ray examination and possibly other controls at the security check point. The security agent will give you any necessary assistance you may require in order to make the security check as comfortable as possible for you.

Power appliances, in metal or bulky in airplane

  • Can I take an infant seat in the cabin with me?

    Yes, as long as your airline agrees. It will be subject to X-ray examination and possibly other controls. 

  • Can I take my baby stroller or buggy up to the airplane? 

    Yes, but it will be subject to X-ray examination and possibly other controls. 

  • May I take electronic devices into the cabin with me such as MP3 players, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, mobile phones or pads?

    Yes. There are no restrictions for carrying this type of equipment in the cabin. Laptops and large electronic devices must be taken out of their carrying cases and presented separately at the security check point. 
    You may also take extra batteries for these devices with you in the cabin.

  • Are there any restrictions regarding musical instruments?

    We recommend that you contact your airline. 

  • Can I take my tweezers with me into the cabin? 


  • Can I pack knitting needles in my hand luggage?

    No. Knitting needles are considered dangerous items and you must pack them in your checked luggage. 

  • Can I put house and car keys in my hand luggage (including car and garage door remote control devices)? 


Equipment and X-ray

  • Does the X-ray scanner pose any kind of risk for my electronics devices?

    There is no risk whatsoever for such devices. 

  • Can the security checks affect X-ray images?

    No, X-ray scanners cannot damage medical X-ray images.

  • Can the detection devices at the security checkpoint affect photographic film?

    Yes. Some detection devices used to inspect checked luggage might irretrievably damage video and photographic film. We therefore recommend carrying such items in your hold luggage. If you carry high sensitivity film (higher than 1600 ASA), seek advice from the manufacturer.

Objects allowed in cabin

  • What kind of food (cheese, pâté, pasta...) can I put in my hand luggage?

    You can carry solid food, but no soups, sauces, etc. Generally speaking, liquid or malleable products are prohibited: for instance soft or runny cream cheeses are not authorized in the cabin. opaque containers over 100ml, such as tinned food, are forbidden whatever their contents. All such products may, however, be purchased with no restrictions in duty-free shops.

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