Delays, unexpected disruptions, additional tension… an unattended bag means:

2000 passengers delayed

Angry Bag

a flight cancelled

Angry Bag

evacuation of the terminal

Angry Bag

Rules of vigilance / Help us be vigilant

A simple unattended bag can have a very disruptive impact on the activity of the airport. 
Here below are some simple actions that can be observed to avoid this.  

  • 1

    Rule n°1: Keep an eye on your bags 
    Remember to keep an eye on your belongings at all times.
    Otherwise they might be identified as suspect items and be destroyed.
    Always label clearly all your luggage (cabin or hold). Name and address labels should be put inside and outside the bags for more security. 

  • 2

    Rule n°2: Report any unattended bag
    If you see an unattended bag, do not touch it, report it immediately to the airport's staff.

  • 3

    Rule n°3: Report any unattended bag
    Whatever the reason, do not accept to carry any bag or parcel from anyone. Report any suspect behavior to the airport's staff.

Follow our tips

• Check the weight of your luggage, scales are available for you at the airport.

• Label all your bags, even your handbag. They will not be considered as unattended.

• In case of excess weight in your bags: ahead of check-in and before arriving at the airport, consider bringing an empty foldable bag with you or check with your airline to buy a new bag. 

• If you cannot check-in your luggage, you can store them at Bagages du monde.