Check-in at the airport: for a smooth journey

Once your bags are packed, there are just a few last things to do before you can fly from Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Paris-Orly. Firstly, you need to check in yourself and your baggage, otherwise you won’t be able to board the aircraft... Where, when, how?
Follow our advice for a smooth take-off!

What do I need to know before checking in myself and my baggage?

When do I need to check in for my flight?

You can check in any time before the check-in deadline stated on your ticket or travel booking. This varies between 40 minutes and 3 hours before departure, depending on your destination and your airline. Failure to check in on time means you will not be able to board your flight. Check with your airline to find out the applicable deadline.

We recommend that you arrive: 2 hours before take-off for short-haul flights and 3 hours before take-off for long-haul flights. This advice is particularly valid during peak season and busy periods, during which there may be long queues.

Where and how do I check in?

Save time with online check-in
Many airlines allow you to check in online in advance (between 30 days and 4 hours before your flight).

This option has two advantages: you save time and can choose your seat.

If you have hold baggage, you will still need to check in your bag at the airport.

Online check-in is the only available option for certain airlines. Some airlines may even charge a printing fee if you have not printed your boarding pass before arriving at the airport. Check with your airline before you leave.

Check in yourself and your baggage at the same time at the check-in desk
When you go directly to the check-in desk, you can drop off your baggage at the same time as you check in for your flight.

You can then look at the display screens to find out which departures hall and gate you need to go to.

Use the airport self-service terminals to check in
The self-service terminals are quick and easy to use, but also allow you to check in 5 hours before take-off: you can print your digital boarding pass and, if necessary, your baggage tag. You can then drop off your checked baggage at a dedicated counter.

Instructions for contact-free check-in and baggage drop-off

Step 1: check in your baggage at the self-service terminals

Step 2: drop off your baggage at the baggage drop-off area

And after check in?

After checking in, please move to the control areas as soon as possible. During the high seasons, there may be long waiting times.

how the security check works?

Reassure your loved ones and have a smooth journey with the Ariane portal

Portail d'Ariane
Ariane offers you peace of mind when travelling abroad. It only takes a few minutes to register for this free and simple service! 

The Ariane system allows you to register any international travel with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Once registered, the service offers the option to: 

- identify any French people, in crisis situations,who have declared themselves as being in the affected area.

- contact French nationals by calling them directly, or by text message if warranted by the situation in the country.

- inform the person designated by the user as their emergency contact in France, in order to provide and/or obtain information relating to the traveller.