Paris Aéroport is committed to working with you to ensure safe travel

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Paris Aéroport has continuously adapted to support your efforts and protect you during your air travel. 

Que recherchez-vous ?

Paris Aéroport thanks you for helping to keep everyone healthy

What are our recommendations for a smooth trip? 

For your safety, maintain a proper distance from others

Respect the safety distances (1m) throughout our terminals. We recommend that you remain especially vigilant in the following areas:

• border control
• when boarding, do not stand up until your zone is called
• at baggage claim, wait until your flight is displayed

Mask wearing: safe practices in our terminals

ADP, infographie COVID, version EN


Sanitise or wash your hands

Désinfectez-vous ou lavez-vous les mains

•  Remember to wash your hand regularly.

•  You may also use the contactless hand sanitiser dispensers located throughout our airports by placing your foot on the pedal.



Paris Aéroport provides support all throughout your trip

Paris Aéroport has set up Covid-19 testing centres, by appointment, for departures from Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly.

We disinfect our facilities daily;

Our dedicated teams disinfect our facilities on a regular basis, at every key step in your trip:

•  check-in counters
•  check-in kiosks
•  security checkpoint bins
•  boarding area seating
•  restrooms, etc.

Contactless check-in and baggage drop-off

Step 1: check your baggage using automated kiosks

Step 2: leave your baggage at the drop-off point

We are testing the latest sanitising innovations

An alcohol-free antibacterial solution

We have set up hand sanitising stations throughout our terminals, including water-based, alcohol-free and aloe vera solutions. This formula sanitises your hands without drying them out, unlike other alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Paris Aéroport provides everything you need for a smooth trip

Protect everyone by respecting safety practices

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
We can protect each other’s health and safety by following a few simple practices.

Notre parcours sanitaire lors de votre Départ

Notre parcours sanitaire lors de votre Arrivée

In November 2020, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports obtained AHA (Airport Health Accreditation) accreditation from the ACI (Airport Council International), an association bringing together most world airports.

The audit conducted for this certification examined all health measures rolled out in our airports.