Health precautions related to Covid-19

Paris Aéroport makes you travel safe

Your health ranks among our top priorities.
In order to protect you, we have set up exceptional sanitary measures to guarantee your safety while you are traveling. On the other hand, we kindly ask our passengers to follow rules enabling them to protect themselves and protect other passengers from Covid19. Among those rules, wearing a mask during the accomplishment of their journey is an absolute obligation. 

Paris Aéroport reinforced its sanitary measures in its terminals 

Our airports are clean and safe places. We are committed to ensure the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness to all the countries we are connected to, but also to all passengers and collaborators. 

Our commitments

"Contactless" automated hydroalcoholic gels dispensers


As complimentary advice to regular handwash, we have set up contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispensers all along your journey at the airport (while using lifts, at check-in, security checks, border control or boarding lounges). This automated system gives you the right amount of gel need to sanitize your hands thanks to sensors.. 

Get your hands close to the dispenser to get the right amount of hydroalcoholic gel.

Floor signage to help you comply with social distancing 


To avoid close contacts with others, we have set up floor signage to help you comply with the 1 meter distance to keep with others, in queuing areas as well as when accomplishing check-in, security checks or boarding. 

We strongly invite you to comply with this rule at every moment of your trip, in addition to wearing properly your mask.

Leave one seat in two free 


To help you comply with social distancing, we have materialized seats to be remaining free. In addition, prayer areas, smoking areas and nurseries are temporary closed to avoid gatherings in cramped places.

Following these safety rules means protecting yourself and other passengers. 

Cleaning and disinfection of our terminals several times a day 


To combat spread of Covid19, we have strengthened our disinfection and sanitizing protocols, which are inspired from hospital protocols in order to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety for those who are traveling or working within our airports. 

We combine hand cleaning on all objects and hard surfaces, with automated disinfection procedures spraying approved disinfectant to reach even the most difficult and unaccessible corners. Cleaning is carried out with an approved virucidal disinfectant, complying with the Covid19 efficiency norm EN14476

At security check, you will be using a tray being sanitized on a regular basis. You can thus safely put your personal belongings in the trays.

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are located by the security check line to sanitize your hands. Security check lines are disinfected several times a day thanks to dry spraying procedure, to get rid of any Covid19 traces.

We adapt our procedures to avoid physical contacts


In order to avoid physical contacts, we invite all our passengers to proceed to online check-in whenever possible. At the check-in or bag-drop desk, we have set up plexiglass protections to protect you and our collaborators. We strongly encourage our passengers to use automated bag drop.

At the security check, and in compliance with civil aviation rules (Civil Aviation Authority or DGAC), we adapt our security check procedures to avoid physical contacts. We opt for the use of metal detectors, shoe and body scans to carry out complimentary checks. We have put single-use powder detectors wipes. When our security agents need yo carry out further security checks in your carry-on luggage, they change their gloves.

Temperature checks at arrivals


In addition to measures taken by the French authorities at the entry in France, Paris Aéroport has set up temperature screenings with thermal cameras at your arrival in Paris, in the luggage delivery area. If your temperature is above 38°C, you will be invited to proceed to a second temperature check with a contact-less thermometer. If your temperature is confirmed above the indicated level, we will suggest you a medical visit with a doctor who will, if required, offer you to be tested with a COVID-19 PCR test.


Checks and measures by airlines

Watch the video at departure

Some airlines have set up checking of passengers' body temperature before boarding and/or ask their passengers to attest of non-Covid19 symptoms to be able to travel. 
Before traveling, make sure you have all required travel documents to enter your final destination (including any PCR test results if required by the destination).

The wearing of a surgical mask is compulsory for all passengers on all airlines operating from Paris

We invite you to contact your airline to precisely know which requirements have been set up.

Air France Travellers


Please, check the airline's page for information on sanitary measures and temperature taking.

As of May 11th, Air France is gradually implementing passenger's body temperature checks with contactless thermometer.  Your temperature must be below 38°C. If your temperature is higher than this, you may be denied boarding. Customers who are deemed unfit to travel after screening will be able to postpone their trip at no extra cost.You must also present all the required documents.
Dedicated measures have been set up by French Authorities for passengers traveling to France for a specific listed countries. We invite you to visit this information before traveling in order to comply with their requirements.


Let's protect ourselves and others, let's respect the barrier gestures

The most efficient way to combat Covid19 is to comply with the adoption of barrier gestures, limiting the spread of the virus.

Wear a mask at all times
Wearing a mask is compulsory inside and outsite terminals. We invite you to wear properly your mask at all times while at the airport or in the aircraft cabin. If you do not have a mask, you can find masks in our open pharmacies within our terminals (located landside, before security checks). In order to avoid the spread of Covid19, make sure your mask is well adjusted. Don't touch your face or do not put your hands under your mask without any sanitization.
Wash your hands regularly
Our sanitary facilities are accessible all along your journey at the airport. They are very important to maintain a good hand hygiene. Make sure to stop by one of these facilities on your way.
Use the hydroalcoholic gel
In the absence of sanitary facilities close to you, please make sure to sanitize your hands regularly thanks to hydroalcoholic gel.
Cough or sneeze into your elbow
We touch our face more than 500 times a day with our hands! It's a natural reflex, which is difficult to get rid of. Hands can easily transmit the virus. Make sure to cough or sneeze into your elbow.
Use a disposable tissue and discard it immediately
And please, think about recycling, and choose the right basket 😉 !
Greet one another without physical contact
Let's be polite and remember to greet one another, but complying with 1 meter social distancing!

In November 2020, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports obtained AHA (Airport Health Accreditation) accreditation from ACI (Airport Council International), an association representing most of the world's airports. 

It should be noted that the audit leading to this certification examined all the sanitary measures in place at the airports