Aircraft baggage:
the golden rules for packing your suitcase


Going away and need to pack your suitcase? Baggage dimensions, rules on maximum weight, prohibited items, cabin and hold baggage, what to do if your bags are lost or damaged... Don’t worry! Paris Aéroport tells you all you need to know to prepare yourself and your baggage for a smooth take-off from Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Paris-Orly.

What do I need to check before leaving for the airport?

Choose the right size bag
Pack only what you need. An overfilled bag could burst and may not be accepted at check-in.
Check the weight
Weigh your baggage in advance to make sure it doesn’t exceed the maximum authorised weight and avoid paying an excess baggage charge.
Secure your baggage
Your lock or padlock must be TSA (Transport Security Administration) approved for travel. Customs officials have universal keys to open your locks without damaging your baggage.
Label your baggage
It is essential that you are able to identify your baggage. Be sure to label all items with your full name. Remove all labels and barcodes from previous trips.

What rules do I need to follow once at the airport?

Look after your baggage
Never leave your baggage unattended, even for a moment. It will be considered suspect and will be destroyed.
Be vigilant
Never leave your baggage with a stranger and do not accept any bags or packages from a stranger for any reason.
Secure your valuables
We recommend that you place any valuables, travel documents, medicines, etc. in your cabin baggage rather than in your hold baggage.
Print and attach your baggage labels
If you choose automatic check-in, attach the barcoded labels printed at the kiosk around the handle and on each side of your baggage. Finally, keep a copy for yourself.


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Cabin baggage: best practices

What standards apply to cabin baggage?

In general, you are entitled to one item of cabin baggage of up to 8 kg and 1 additional small item (e.g. handbag or backpack) in Economy and 2 items of cabin baggage and 1 additional small item in Business class. On scheduled services,the maximum size of cabin baggageis generally limited to 115 cm (total height + width + length), inclusive of pockets, wheels and handles.

Additional advice for packing your bags. Useful tips and information.

What cabin baggage restrictions apply and what items are prohibited?

Hold baggage: what you need to know

The standards to be observed for hold baggage

Depending on the airline you are travelling with and your destination, hold baggage restrictions may vary according to the class chosen / options related to your ticket (Economy, Premium or First).

In general, you are entitled to 1 item of hold baggage of up to 23 kg. The maximum size is limited to 158 cm (total height + width + length), inclusive of pockets, wheels and handles.

Additional advice for packing your bags. Useful tips and information.

What hold baggage restrictions apply and what items are prohibited?

Additional baggage, heavier baggage, bulky items, musical instruments, etc. may be permitted provided they comply with certain transport rules and upon payment of a supplement. Tip: buy your option online up to 24 hours before departure to receive a discount on the supplement!

Please check with your airline if you intend to travel with sports equipment as different rules may apply. Prior approval is often necessary - no later than 48 hours before departure.

Dedicated traveller baggage services

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