Prohibited items: what can you bring with you on the aircraft?

Before departing on your trip, do you have a question about one of the items you want to bring in your baggage: is it authorised to bring on board the aircraft? Certain items are indeed prohibited in the cabin and the hold of the aircraft. To help you prepare your trip and pack your bags with peace of mind, Paris Aéroport offers a brief explanation of the baggage rules.  

Regulated or prohibited items: what is the difference?

Prohibited items are not allowed on board. Under no condition may they travel in the cabin or the hold. 
Regulated items
may be transported in the hold, but only under certain conditions. They may require compliance with certain standards, specific packing or advance notification to the airline. 

Some items that are prohibited in the cabin are not prohibited in the hold. For more information, see our list of items prohibited in the cabin

What items are prohibited in the hold?

Flammable materials 

Paint, gasoline, lacquer, acetone and alcohol above 70% are prohibited on board the aircraft. 

Devices equipped with a lithium-ion battery

This category includes large electronic devices like electric bikes, as well as certain medical devices. Replacement batteries are also prohibited. 

Paralysing or immobilising items

This category includes certain weapons (electric guns, batons, etc.), as well as pepper spray or tear gas.  

Toxic and corrosive materials 

Cleaning products, irritants and stripping products are prohibited from the aircraft.  

Compressed gases

Items that contain compressed gases, such as gas camping stoves, lighter refills or oxygen tanks, are prohibited.  

Explosive materials 

This category notably includes firecrackers, fireworks and smoke bombs.   


To review the full list of products and items prohibited in the hold, go to the Airbag French Civil Aviation Department’s Airbag page.

What items are regulated in the hold?


You may transport firearms in the hold, without a cartridge or ammunition, as long as you notify the airline in advance.

Ammunition for firearms

Only certain types of ammunition intended for sport or hunting are permitted in the hold. Advance notice must be provided to the airline. Each passenger may transport no more than 5 kg of ammunition.    

Electric wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility

Because they carry batteries that may be dangerous on an aircraft, these devices must be approved by the airline before your trip.  




Beauty or hygiene products

In the cabin, only liquids, aerosols and creams in bottles of less than 100 mL each and placed in a sealed plastic bag of 1 L maximum are permitted. Larger containers are permitted in the hold, but the total amount per article must not exceed 0.5 kg or 0.5 L. The total amount per passenger is limited to 2 kg or 2 L.  




Small devices with a battery

Even if they have a lithium-ion battery, certain small devices like cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers and gaming consoles are permitted in the aircraft. It is recommended to carry these items in the cabin. Replacement batteries are prohibited.  





Alkaline batteries are permitted in the hold and the cabin, as long as they remain in their original packaging or are packed in individual bags. Fuel cells are prohibited in the hold, but may sometimes be transported in the cabin with approval from the airline. 





To review the full list of products and items regulated in the hold, go to the Airbag French Civil Aviation Department’s Airbag page.

Transporting a prohibited item in the hold: what are the risks?

Certain products and items are prohibited in the hold for safety reasons. Depending on the nature of the item, it may present a threat to baggage handling staff, crew members and other passengers. For this reason, these items are strictly prohibited.  

If a passenger attempts to transport a prohibited item or product in the hold, it will be confiscated by security.  

The passenger may also face criminal charges or administrative sanctions.  

Is it possible to transport a prohibited item on the aircraft?

It is impossible to circumvent these regulations. An item that is prohibited in the hold will not be permitted to travel on your aircraft in any circumstance. However, depending on the type of item in question, you may consider the possibility of shipping it as cargo. It may be able to be sent to you on a non-passenger flight, designed specifically for transporting objects or goods. 

These rules apply to all air travel. However, certain airlines may have specific policies. If you have a question about an item: contact your airline for more information.