App Paris Worldwide

When taking part in the Heritage Days in Paris on 17 and 18 September 2016, you won't want to be without the new Paris Aéroport app for smartphones - Paris Worldwide!

Available in 10 languages (French, English, Korean, German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) and Italian), it is the only travel companion you will need! The app will help you to discover all of the famous Parisian monuments, inform you about which attractions are open, check your location to suggest the best route and highlight which exhibitions and museums are nearest to you.


The app also offers useful information about each of the monuments including their history and other fun facts.


Tip: Before you leave, download the Paris map so you can view it offline.

The best that culture has to offer is available throughout our airports, making it easy to include this element in your trip. This app perfectly reflects the promise expressed in our new signature, PARIS VOUS AIME, which symbolises Paris Aéroport's commitment to offering you a wealth of amazing experiences!

So when planning your next trip abroad, don't forget the Paris Worldwide app. It also offers guides to 70 other destinations around the globe.

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How to download the app?     

  • 1

    Download the app for free
    Available for iPhones and Android phones.
    Googleplay Appstore

  • 2

    Choose your travelling status
    I've arrived: you have just arrived at your destination, let's have a look around!
    In transit: going somewhere else? Find cultural and relaxation areas at the airport.
    I'm on my way: before you actually set off, create your own personal selection of places to visit

  • 3

    Access the app even when you're offline
    Download the map of your destination and access information about the city (detailed map, itineraries, themed sightseeing routes, etc.) without incurring any data roaming charges.