13th edition of the festival Au Féminin

festival-au-feminin-2016From March 4th to 8th 2016, this festival dedicates to female creation in all its forms, proposes a rich and varied programme, with dance, music, screenings and exhibitions, as well as debates.

All these works have been thought by women. This one of a kind event is organised in four emblematic places of the 18e district: the Institut des cultures d’Islam, the Compagnie Graines de Soleil, the Lavoir Moderne Parisien and the Centre Musical Fleury Goutte d’Or Barbara. The festival Au Féminin takes us in the audacious universe of singer Sherazade and Lavionrose, or in the one more jazzy and world music of the interpreter, author and composer Malika Zarra. With the “Nitt 100 Limites” show, choreographer Oumaïma Manaï invites us to discover contemporary dance, on a feminist topic: Arab woman’s fight to obtain a status of citizen in her own right. This event is both involved and creative, and is also a real invitation to travel.





Au Féminin Festival (Festival Au Féminin) (in French), from March 4th to 8th 2016.

“Nitt 100 Limites” show: on Sunday March 6 2016 at 6pm at the Lavoir Moderne Parisien.
Full rate: 16 euros.

Lavoir Moderne Parisien
35, rue Léon
75018 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 52 09 14
Metro: Château Rouge (line 4) or Marcadet-Poissonniers (lines 4 and 12).


Crédit photo : Festival Au Féminin – Edition 2016 - Javier Larrea /Age Fotostock/HOA QUI-Création graphique V.Chevalier / R.Croissard/ Licences N°2-1066400 / 3-1066401

Omnivore: the 100% young cooking festival

affiche-omnivore-2016Each year, the Omnivore World Tour is eagerly awaited, as in addition to reveal young international talents of cooking, it gathers the greatest chefs.

This eleventh edition is no exception to the rule. Among the guests, we can quote: Anne-Sophie Pic, Jean-François Piège or Thierry Marx. This year, this is the city of Montreal which is the guest of honour, with no less than eight chefs, pastry cooks and craftspeople who came to present Montrealer avant-garde, as Patrice Demers, Fabien Maillard or John Winter Russell. This culinary festival is also the occasion to take part in masterclasses, divided in five sections. The first scene is dedicated to the salty, with for example Adeline Grattard and William Ledeuil, the second, to the sweet with pastry chefs as Christophe Michalak and Claire Damon. The third and the fourth take an interest in liquid and craftspeople, with the participation of wine-growers, bartenders, brewers, cheese merchants or even bakers. But this year, the novelty is the avant-garde scene, with courses which will present the new technologies of the contemporary cooking, but also the sustainable cooking with notably David Toutain.





Omnivore World Tour 2016 (in French), from March 6th to 8th 2016.
Open from 9:30am to 6pm.
Day pass: 39 euros / 3 days pass: 99 euros.

Maison de la Mutualité
24, rue Saint-Victor
75005 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 83 92 24 00
Metro: Maubert-Mutualité or Cardinal Lemoine (line 10).

Crédit photo : 2016 Omnivore World Tour - Paris - Paris - © OMNIVORE

The photography by Ugo Mulas

ugo-mulas-la-photographie-fondation-henri-cartier-bressonMajor artist of the Italian photography of the XXth century, Ugo Mulas (1928-1973) is on display at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson until April 24th 2016.

There are about a sixty black and white shots which are presented at the museum, from the much-touted work published by the photographer: “La Fotografia” (Einaudi, 1973). Mythic, this book demonstrates the time of the 1960s, when Ugo Mulas caught the turmoil of the Italian and New-Yorker artistic stage. We discover there portraits but also artist’s texts as Andy Warhol’s, Marcel Duchamp’s or Michelangelo Pistoletto’s. Organised in partnership with the Archives Ugo Mulas de Milan, and associated commissioner Giuliano Sergio, this retrospective respects the original format of the texts and photographs from the book’s first Italian edition.





“Ugo Mulas: The photography” (“Ugo Mulas: La Photographie”) exhibition, from January 15th to April 24th 2016.

Open Tuesday-Sunday from 1pm to 6:30pm, and Sunday from 11am to 6:45pm.
Nocturnal on Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Full rate: 7 euros / Free for all every Wednesday after 6:30pm.


Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
2, impasse Lebouis
75014 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 56 80 27 00
Metro: Gaîté (line 13).

Crédit photo : Ugo Mulas – Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson – Ugo Mulas, Marcel Duchamp, New York, 1965 - ©SDP

Best places

La Cevicheria: the healthy address which makes travel


Thanks to its two Parisian addresses as pretty as gourmet, La Cevicheria is the ideal place to travel by enjoying a healthy balanced cooking.

What is the reason? These two restaurants are the experts of ceviche, an ancestral dish from Peru, made up of lime-marinated raw fish, whose origins date back to 2 000 years ago in the Moche culture. The recipe is easy: finely sliced raw fish, served with skillfully marinated fruits and vegetables. This speciality can change endlessly. The proof, à la carte we find again an octopus ceviche, but also a beef one’s. It even exist vegetarian ceviches, with mushrooms, multicoloured tomatoes, or even with yellow courgette. This colourful dish, resolutely simple, is however full of flavours thanks to the multitude of herbs and other ingredients present. For the dessert, the Peruvian rice pudding is surprising, delicately flavoured with cinnamon, clove and orange. A delight! After this successful run, La Cevicheria will soon open a third address, in the 17th district of Paris.


Open Tuesday-Sunday, noon and night.
Lunch: 16 euros.


La Cevicheria Bachaumont
14, rue Bachaumont
75002 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)9 80 88 58 05
Metro: Sentier (line 3).

La Cevicheria Martel
12, rue Martel
75010 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)9 80 77 90 47
Metro: Château d’Eau (line 4). 

Crédit photo : La Cevicheria - Restaurant - Paris – © DR

Maison Becquey: the new hotspot of the Canal de l’Ourcq


Opened at the end of January, this restaurant and rotisserie is ideally located on the banks of the Canal de l’Ourcq, nearby the Parc de la Villette and the Philharmonie de Paris.

We meet there for a gourmet and bucolic break, between two cultural visits. The decoration of the place has been thought by interior designer Christopher Matignon and by decorator Emma Roux, in a raw style (exposed heating, waxed concrete, leather) and shades of blue. The Maison Becquey has an enjoyable terrace which gives onto the canal, where it is pleasant to taste a coffee-croissant in the early morning, or a plank of deli meats and a glass of wine at the end of the day. A la carte, we find again traditional French dishes modelled on the Label rouge roasted free range chicken or the country terrine. We also find there more refined dishes as the black radishes toasts with sardine cream, or the lamb cannellonis with potimarron. For the dessert, we let ourselves be tempted by the chestnut mousse with almond milk on a biscuit, before a life-saving stroll until the Saint-Martin Canal, located a bit further.


Open Monday-Sunday from 8am to 2am.
Continuous service.
Dish: from 10.90 euros.


Maison Becquey (in French)
34, quai de la Marne
75019 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 45 26 97 79
Metro: Ourcq (line 5). 

Crédit photo : Maison Becquey - Restaurant - food2vous

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