Seeds: the children’s and wonderful show by Carolyn Carlson

seeds-carolyn“Seeds” by Carolyn Carlson, displayed at the théâtre National de Chaillot, is a magic dance show thought for the young public, where a little character called Elyx is surrounded by real dancers.

The American choreographer indeed used this little fellow drawn, created by graphic creator Yacine Aït Kaci, to pass a certain poesy to its advertisement. It is recognizable anywhere, thanks to its stick chest and to each of its limbs which are characterized by a line. Its head is a circle with two little eyes. On stage, three dancers are immersed in the mischievous universe of this virtual protagonist. Their movements meet in a magical ballet which will fill the youngest with wonder. This creation by Carolyn Carlson associates real and imaginary, between dance, graphic design and technology, with a lot of verve. This show is to discover with family, before visiting the Eiffel Tower nearby!





“Seeds” by Carolyn Carlson, from January 13th to 24th 2016.

Performances at 10am, 2:30pm, 3:45pm, 5pm and 8:45pm according to the dates.
Full rate: €20 / More than 65 years: €15 / 18-27 years: €10 / Underage: €8.
All audiences from 8 years old.

Théâtre National de Chaillot

1, place du Trocadéro
75016 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 53 65 30 00
Metro: Trocadéro (lines 6 and 9) or Iéna (line 9).


Crédit photo : Seeds – Carolyn Carlson – © Frédéric Iovinno

Discover the non-drinking water network of Paris

eau-non-potable-eau-d-avenir-pavillon-de-l-eauUntil January 16th 2016, the Pavillon de l’Eau takes an interest in the non-drinking water network of the city of Paris.

Who initiated the project? Where does the water which supplies the network come from? We’re asking ourselves questions in front of one of the resources which will enable to build the sustainable town of tomorrow. By the way, these are 1700 kilometers of underground pipes which are travelling along Paris. This water is notably used to hose some Parisian parks and gardens, or to clean the gutters. The Council of Paris entrusted its management in 2012 to Eau de Paris, which takes care of its maintenance and its development. Further to the COP21, new perspectives of use of this network are under study. It could become, for example, an alternative and local energy, allowing to operate the air conditioning or the buildings heating systems of the French capital.





“Eau non potable, eau d’avenir” exhibition (“Non-drinking water, water of the future”), from September 11th 2015 to April 16th 2016.
Open Monday-Friday from 10am to 6pm.
Closed on weekend.
Free admission.


Le Pavillon de l’Eau (in French)
77, avenue de Versailles
75016 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 24 54 02
Metro: Mirabeau (line 10).


Crédit photo : Eau non potable – Eau d’avenir – ©eaudeparis

Contemporary dance sublimated by the Festival Faits d’Hiver

festival-faits-d-hiver-2016From January 13th to February 11th 2016, contemporary dance lovers will meet in seven Parisians places, to discover 11 shows, with notably new creations.

The Festival Faits d’Hiver (Faits d’Hiver Festival) will open with the “Masculines” representation, by choreographers Héla Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux, at the Tarmac in the 20th district of Paris. Seven dancers will alternate with each other on stage, at the beginning lascivious and mute, true to the fantasied image of woman. Then, during the show, they will turn out virile by smoking cigar or by doing press-ups. This scene will question the representation of woman and her femininity, in the imaginary of the heterosexual man. Other works will be to admire at the théâtre de la Bastille or at the théâtre de la Cité internationale, orchestrated by artists Camille Mutel, Arthur Perole, Maxence Rey or Nans Martin.





Festival Faits d’Hiver (Faits d’Hiver Festival), (in French), from January 13th to February 11th 2016.

“Masculines”, from January 13th to 16th 2016.
Full rate: €25 / Concession (under 30 years, seniors): €16.


Le Tarmac – La Scène internationale francophone (in French)
159, avenue Gambetta
75020 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 40 31 20 96
Metro: Saint-Fargeau (line 3bis).

Crédit photo : Festival Faits d’Hiver – Edition 2016 - Camille Mutel © Nina Flore Hernandez

Best places

Baagaa: the new burger hotspot of the 16th


Open a few months ago, Baagaa restaurant is the new den of burger lovers.

Ideally located nearby the Trocadéro, it enables to take a gourmet and fortifying break in the heart of winter, between two cultural visits. Chef Thomas Boutin, from Le Vieux Crapaud Parisian restaurant, is in charge of the kitchen. He revisits the American burger by giving itself airs of Frenchie, as the “Paname” with button mushrooms, Comté, caramelised onions, ham, rocket and ravigote sauce. We also melt for the “Copperfield”, made from snap peas, Morbier, tomatoes confit, baby lettuces and Philly sauce. The star of the à la carte menu remains the “wagyu” Japanese beef burger, a marbled meat with a melting taste of hazelnut and butter. The beasts are bred in France and fed with mixes of natural cereals (without GMO or palm oil). Irresistible, the fries are fresh, seasoned with fleur de sel of Noirmoutier and buns are made by baker Jean-Luc Poujauran. For the dessert, we let ourselves be tempted by a Pedone ice cream or an artisanal pastry of Rachel’s Cake.


Open Monday-Friday from 12pm to 2:30pm and from 7pm to 10:30pm, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 10:30pm.
Set Menu: €15 / Burger: €12.
Eat in or take out.


Baagaa Burger (in French)
54, rue de Longchamp
75116 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 85 09 13 30
Metro: Trocadéro (lines 6 and 9) or Boissière (line 6). 

Crédit photo : Restaurant Baagaa Burger – Paris – Baagaa Burger Restaurant – Paris

Gourmet break at Krügen


Opens by Youenn Le Lay and Frédéric Hoffmann, Krügen is a Breton creperie and grocery which get itself talked about.

Why: Its modern decoration with surfboards, colourful and graphic cushions, walls dressed with words by illustrator Dothy Henriot and a bright and immaculate room. On the à la carte menu, we enjoy the buckwheat crepe, liven up with goat’s cheese, cider and nuts confit, or with egg, ham, Emmental and leeks. It is even possible to make your own recipe! Krügen also proposes to discover one of the Breton culinary specialities: the sausage-buckwheat pancake. It is a Breton sausage surrounded by a crepe, served with onions, mustard, or hazelnut pesto. A real delight! Concerning the grocery, the store sells fleur de sel, vinegar cider, caramels with salted butter, palets bretons, raspberry jam with violet, organic sardines and even beer made in Brittany.
Open Wednesday-Sunday
Set menu: €10.50.


Krügen (in French)
58, rue de la Fontaine au Roi
75011 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)9 52 29 78 79
Metro: Goncourt (line 11) or Parmentier (line 3).

Crédit photo : Krügen - Creperie - Paris – © Facebook Krügen

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