Nicolas  Godin

© 2015 Camille VIVIER

After the group Rone, it's time for singer Nicolas Godin - half of the duo Air and a major figure in French music - to perform a piece of his first solo album at Paris-Orly Airport. A window onto our photo shoot with the French musician.

What appealed to you most about this project ?

The Blogothèque filmed my first solo concert, at the Villa Medici in Rome last June, and I wanted to perform with them again in a different place. The appeal of a project like this one is to capture a unique moment and share it with as many people as possible.

What's special about performing in an airport ?

It's an unusual event, completely different from performing in a traditional concert hall - there's no "audience" and it's not a venue meant for entertainment. Since Pink Floyd's Live in Pompeii performance, in 1971, we've understood that there's an incredible beauty in relocating a live performance to an unlikely place. It's the true work of an artist, a much more orginal approach.

Can you tell us something about Contrepoint , your first solo album ?

Contrepoint was born from a desire to create a modern version of Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Once I actually started working on the project, it turned into an album vhere every track was inspired by a Bach melody.

Godin's first solo album, Contrepoint (Because Music) is now on sale. Catch Nicolas Godin live in Lisbon on November 28.