Technicolour, Hockney style

After many had declared painting dead in the wake of Marcel Duchamp, David Hockney offered a sharp rebuke. Ever cheerful, his colours burst out again and again across many media.

Every day, the English artist takes to his iPad or smartphone to compose landscapes of his native Yorkshire and still lifes every bit as exciting as those of Monet or Warhol.

“Who would have thought the phone would bring drawing back?” he said, feigning astonishment.

Since his triumphant exit from the Royal College of Art in London in 1964, Hockney has continued to renew his output in engravings, Polaroid photomontages, and video installations inspired by Cubism.

The artist’s Paris retrospective.following a major show at London’s Tate Modern and the Met in New York, attempts to tame this profusion and capture the artist’s references to elders like Van Gogh, Fra Angelico, Bonnard, and Picasso in his limpid works. With painting, the creator of A Bigger Splash has found his elixir of youth.

Until 23 octobre
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