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Shaggy, unsociable, primitive: throughout history the Neanderthal has been viewed as subhuman. Recent scientific studies have refined our knowledge of the humanoid who lived between 450,000 and 35,000 years ago, showing that Neanderthals were much closer to Homo sapiens than previously thought. Recognized as “human” in their own right, Neanderthals take center stage in this immersive exhibition which introduces us to our predecessors through rarely-seen objects, fossils, and taxidermied animals.

An impressive animated landscape (featuring aurochs, bison, wolves and more) alternates between day and night, enchanting both kids and adults. If you’re still not convinced, meet Kinga, a Neanderthal woman whose sympathetic qualities may convince you that our cousins are not so distant.

Musée de l'homme
Until 7 janvier 2019
17, place du Trocadero, Paris 16e
01 44 05 72 72

Exposition Neandertal

Exposition Mary Cassat

Mary Cassatt

At the close of the 19th century, painting was a man’s world. Yet it was Impressionist artist Edgar Degas, a notorious misogynist, who first noticed Mary Cassatt’s talent at the 1874 Salon and provided her the support she needed to be recognized as part of the movement.

The exhibition celebrates Cassatt’s talent as a portraitist through 50 major works, including oils, pastels, drawings, and engravings. onsidered the greatest American artist of her time, Cassatt brilliantly expressed her appreciation for intimate scenes and family life. This superb exhibition presents the strikingly modern perspective of an artist who eventually settled in France and was determined to free herself from the shackles and domination of men.

Musée Jacquemart-André
Until 23 july 2018

158, boulevard Haussmann – Paris 8e
01 45 62 11 59

Cristal Room Baccarat

Baccarat’s Cristal Room has been colorfully transformed by interiors star Jacques Grange, who added an intimate bar, a wall set with 576 crystal tiles, jewel toned velvet armchairs and displays of Baccarat goblets.

Chef Mathieu Mécheri, who trained at Mini Palais, revisits French classics in a fresh gourmet menu, featuring dishes like roasted monkfish with Colonnata bacon or stuffed conchiglioni and basil pesto. For dessert, try a dreamy mango pavlova. Signature cocktails tell the story of Baccarat: the Louis, featuring cognac, apple, lime, ginger ale and mint leaf (€15) is served in the glass of your choice (Harcourt, Mille Nuits, Vega or Mosaïque) from the Crystal of Kings. Don’t miss the Baccarat museum and De Noailles smoking room, designed in the 1920s by decorator Jean-Michel Franck.

Lunch menu: €29, dinner menus from €23 to €43.

Cristal Room Baccarat

11, place des Etats-Unis – Paris 16e
01 40 22 11 10

Restaurant Cristal Room Baccarat