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This week, discover with us the exhibition Vermeer.


The Vermeer enigma solved

The life of Vermeer is shrouded in mystery. The Dutch painter’s prodigious talent was long ignored; he never left his hometown of Delft, and, after his death, his memory was only kept alive by a few dedicated collectors.

It wasn’t until the 19th century, with the rediscovery of The Milkmaid and Girl with a Pearl Earring, that the artist once again came to light.

According to art historian Pascal Bonafoux, Vermeer is “a painter who must be acknowledged” and a solitary genius “about whom we know nothing”.

Now the Louvre aims to lift the veil on the work of the Dutch master by placing it squarely in its time; a “Golden Age” when the Netherlands was the commercial and financial center of Europe.

It was this era of great prosperity that gave rise to a new wave of genre painting in which such artists as Vermeer, Metsu, Ter Borch and De Hooch depicted scenes from everyday life in polite society. Far from being isolated, Vermeer was a master in a network of artists and one of the most refined painters of his time.

Vermeer et les maîtres de la peinture de genre
Until 22 may

Musée du Louvre,
22, Musée du Louvre, Paris 1 (01 40 20 53 17)

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