The challenges of La Francophonie

Qhat does 14-year-old Estelle Lipovetsky, a ninth-grade middle school student in Melbourne, Australia, have in common with Arbi Chouikh, a 25-year-old Tunisian who created a collaborative platform, and Ngô Bao Châu, a 44-year-old French mathematician of Vietnamese origin and a winner of the Fields Medal? They all share the French language, along with 274 million other people on five
continents (source OIF).

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Few figures

  • International Day of La Francophonie celebration, March 20, 2014, Vietnam

  • A performance of José Montalvo’s Shiganè Naï for the opening of the France-Korea Year, 2016, in Seoul, Korea

  • The Safi rLab program, initiated by the Institut Français and CFI, supports young people from the Arab world

  • The reading and cultural center in Ambohitseheno, Madagascar, provides access to digital media

  • Francophonie stakeholders look to the digital world to broaden their reach to new audiences

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