A dizzying experience!

Skydiving without a plane? This is the unique experience offered by iFly, a 14-metre (46-foot) glass tube equipped with four 10-ton engines, producing a flow of air with speeds ranging from 100 to 270 km/h (60 to 170 mph).

Installed in the new Vill’Up shopping and leisure centre, this is the highest structure of its ind in the world.

 The wind tunnel creates the same conditions as a parachute jump, adapting to the eight and confidence of each parachutist.

 An introductory session, open to children over five, includes two ne-minute “flights.” By way of comparison, a jump at an altitude of 4,000 metres (13,000 feet) lasts 45 seconds.Expert jumpers cut impressive moves with their soars, spins, and loops. You can watch demonstrations by professionals every 30 minutes.


30, avenue Corentin-Cariou, Paris 19 (01 80 49 94 00)

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