A royal dining table

le clarence

A facade with green awnings bearing the initials “CD”, a wine boutique, and a gourmet two-michelin starred restaurant on the first floor.

Welcome to chez Prince Robert de Luxembourg, owner of Domaine Clarence Dillon, which includes the famous Château Haut-Brion. Inside, you’ll be charmed by the cozy decor, Christophe Pelé’s delicious food, and Antoine Pétrus’ meticulous service.

Try the scallops and caviar or the venison and trévise salad. Expect precise dishes and perfect pairings.

Menus: from €65 (lunch) to €320.
A la carte: about €120.

Le Clarence
31, avenue Franklin D.-Roosevelt, Paris 8 (01 82 82 10 10)

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