The forgotten sense

musée-du-parfumIn December, the new Grand Musée du Parfum opened its doors in a 1,400-sq-m (15,000-sqft) private mansion in the heart of Paris that once housed Christian Lacroix couture.

An emblematic setting to explore the many facets of this symbol of French art de vivre on a journey through luxury, art, and science.

Visitors can discover the fragrance of Kyphi, the earliest perfume, created in ancient Egypt, and Jicky by Guerlain (1889), the first fragrance to combine natural and synthetic essences.

After reconnecting with their sense of smell via a series of interactive experiments, museum goers are immersed in the heart of science.

With this newfound knowledge, a closer look at the perfumer's métier is offered inside a reconstructed perfume boutique.

Musée du Parfum
73, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Paris 8

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